It is possible for us to hear God easily and have friendship and conversations with God.

It was 1st November 2017, almost 3pm, I was waiting on the Lord to hear from Him, I heard Him easily other days and just start writing them down as I opened my hearing God’s voice journal book. But that moment I want to hear something more, as I remember someone’s preaching that he would go to the secret place and nearby trees and would wait even till midnight to hear from God, which I heard him from internet, and must be YouTube. Actually, I believe he is much better than me in hearing God, because I have seen him must be on YouTube that he heard words of knowledge easily in public and people would be healed, and more. He probably heard easily from God, though he was known as an Apostle and probably not a Prophet, he don’t seemed to be a Prophet as long as I have heard Him. Anyway, he must probably heard very well.

And however, it is also important to know that prophesying, and getting words of knowledge are also different from hearing God’s voice, and even though wisdom greatly carried favour as we find in proverb, and is also the result of relationship with God, it is still different from hearing God’s voice, friendship with God, and conversations with God. Even though all these could be part of hearing God’s voice, it is also possible to have a great and deep word of knowledge in public but have a not so good personal hearing God’s voice, friendship with God and conversations with God.

Whatsoever, as I have heard him preaching in one of his video, he would spend till the middle of the night to hear from God, and that’s true and I believe I have experienced those kind of things in my journey with God several times to hear from God.

And on this day 1st Nov 2017, as I wait on the Lord in the afternoon to hear from God, I remember my experiences as well as his preaching that he would even spend till midnight to hear from God, so unlike other days I tried to wait on God for a long time and hear something unusual as I have experienced and heard him preach, I must have shut up even what God spoke to me in that moment in order to hear from God more clearly and to just make more sure it’s God who spoke to me in all other days.

And it’s the Devil’s job to make us doubt that it’s not God who spoke to us when God speak to us, he is a liar, and that’s his job.

But then as I tried to wait on God for a longer moment and hear His voice more clearly I felt the Lord spoke to me clearly, “You do not need to wait that long to hear from me, you just can open up your book and start writing”, so as I heard I did it and easily start to wrote all the things God spoke to me at that moment.


And here’s the point, it is possible that we do not need to wait on God for a long time for God to speak to us, we can just start hearing or start writing them down as He speak to us in our heart and our thoughts, though it is important to recheck them with an open heart. But it is also important to know that it is possible that we can easily hear from God.

– David Chawngthu


Leadership is about valuing others

Posted: November 27, 2017 in Leadership

Let’s put it this way, suppose you are to lead a group of prophetic people, but if you don’t value them, it would be tough for you to lead them, because that’s who they are “prophetic people”, not that they are perfect, but that would make it more tough for you to lead them.

And if you are to lead young people, but don’t value young people, that would make it tough for you to lead.

And suppose you are to lead a group of Indians, if you don’t value the Indians for who they are, you could probably be facing more tough times to lead them. Not that they are imperfect, but that it will probably make it more tough to lead them.

And there’s a difference between “valuing others” and “manipulation”, valuing others means that you value them as a person no matter how small or who they are, manipulation means that you act as valuing them so that you may control them, which could be part of a witchcraft spirit.

One of the main point is this, that we despise no one or look down on no one as a person, but value them as a person.


– David Chawngthu

How to know who you are?

Posted: November 25, 2017 in Other Teachings

1. Passion: What’s your passion? Your passion will usually tells you who you are, but sometimes it is also important to check our passion why? ” Why I like this”. The gifts we have are not always who we are or called to do, but our passion could be.

2. Hearing God’s voice: Sometimes we might not even know that we are passionate on something, or we have not known who we are in God, but God can tell us many of the things of who we are as we have relationships with Him.

3. Revelations: What type of revelations you naturally usually received without any striving for it? That could be part of the prove of who you are and what you are suppose to do.

4. The Anointing and the Angels that are with you will usually determine who you are.

It is important to know who we are, because we are to serve God out of who we are. The revelations you received most will usually determine who you are, how you are to serve God.

– David Chawngthu

I felt the Lord telling me several times today (18th Nov, 2017) “I want you to release the prosperity anointing”, and I felt the Lord said, “I want you to break the spirit of poverty….”. You might be in depression, you might be in worry, you might be crying, you might be in hardship, you might be struggling, you might be suffering, and I felt the Lord told me to tell you, “poverty is not your friend, this poverty is your enemy, this spirit is a really bad person to you, but that I also love the poor, and the people who are suffering because of the poverty spirit….”.

And I felt the Lord said, “Those who receive these things will all be blessed, prosperous and increase”.

And I also felt the Lord said to me, “I want you to release the prosperity anointing, I cannot see those who are suffering, those who are struggling and those who are in oppressions, so I want you to release the prosperity anointing and break the chains of the enemy. I want you to break yokes”.

“In the name of Jesus Christ I break every poverty spirit in your life, and I’m releasing the prosperity anointing in your life, and those who have children I declare that non of your children will be poor, for this is the will of God, I declare that all of your children will be prosperous and wealthy in their own ways. And I break every chains of poverty and the chains of the enemy, that prosperity will come to you, and I declare that you will be blessed, and there will be prosperity and increase upon your life. And I am releasing the prosperity anointing upon your life in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN..”

– David Chawngthu

– Knowing our Identities in Christ will help us hear God’s voice better, and continually hearing God’s voice will build our Identities in Christ.

Knowing who we are in Christ will help us approach God more closely, with confident, and faith to hear His voice. “You are a precious and valuable child of God”.

– Having a clean heart will help you hear God’s voice better, and will protect us from hearing the voices of demons, it is important that we make sure our heart is clean before God when we listen to Him. God must have probably desire to have a closer relationship with people of pure heart that are after Him, because Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God”. The ability to hear God and have conversations with Him itself is a blessings (Matt 5:8).

– David Chawngthu

God’s voice is peaceful at heart, gentle and not harsh, loving and not condemning, encouraging and not discouraging, faith building and not worrisome, valuing people and not despising people. We know who He is by continually having friendship with Him.

Here are 10 voices of demons you might like to know –

1. Gossip
2. Words of condemnations
3. Manipulative words
4. Words of threatening
5. Abusive words
6. Harsh
7. Lies
8. It makes you worry
9. It makes you fearful
10. Words to harm others

Does demons can speak through Christians? Yes, he can also speak through speakers, preachers, and servants of God, and demons can even speak from the pulpit.

– David Chawngthu

Christ made Himself nothing, by His own choice, not by force, He made Himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant, THEREFORE God exalted Him to the highest place and gave Him the name that is above every name.

Beware of people who are after greatness and positions without the anointing, because Christ means the anointed one. And we are talking about humility, wisdom, and Governmental anointing.

Greatness to the world is not always the same greatness in the Kingdom. Jesus said, “Whoever wants to be great among you must be a servant”. Before Jesus was given the Highest name by God, He humbled Himself.

In the same way, humility is the Greatest, and wisdom is the highest rank of Governmental Anointing coming from heaven, they are like twins that stick together.

Proverb 11:2 says, “With humility comes wisdom”. And proverb says, “Wisdom is supreme therefore get wisdom”, wisdom is the highest rank of Governmental Anointing.


Whether it’s about leadership and authority, whether it’s about marriage, family, kids, or other things, it is important to read wisdom and revelations about them from people of wisdom and revelations, it is important to read the foundational teachings about them, and then we do our part. This is a really important thing to do.

– David Chawngthu