Teachings on ‘Family’ Part 2.

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Family/ kids and environments, Other Teachings

Dear Reader,

In Part 1 we wrote about one another and kids, so in Part 2, let us con’t with the kids.

There are numbers of thing which children needs in their lives, many things depends upon how we take care of them, what movie they used to watch, what type of games they used to play as a kid, what type of words they used to listen and what type of environments and communities they grew up. I believe, many, could even be most of their worldviews, mindsets and emotions could depends on the way it is fed.
How do we feed their emotions?, What kinds of environments we are making for their emotions?, Do we give attentions when they needed? or Do they feel accepted and able to be who they are?, Do we appreciate them when they need appreciations?, Do we support them when they need supports? – are some of the things we can ask ourselves and keep on evaluating ourselves. Being a burden bearer or going along side with them are some of the ways that they really need our supports specially during their childhood. Kids also needs our encouragements, we also need to give clean affections, in affections we are not to kiss a child if they don’t want to be kissed, this is because it can be apart of child abuse. We also need to show our respects to them too, not just in the sake of respecting, but because this is the right thing to do – the emotions of the kids too need respect, they need to feel important in a good way that they are needed, their input are listened and they too can have a good ideas and thoughts that they may have a good self respect for their own-selves and to others. They need to feel secured in their feelings too, unconditional love will be a weapon that they feel secure, unconditional love will drive out insecurities. They need to feel comfort in their feelings and they also need approval of things they are doing. These things are not just for kids, but for all human beings, in the Bible we find that Jesus, Paul and other disciples encouraged and taught the churches about the importance of ‘one another’. Which actually are a very important applications especially for the environments for the growth of kids as well.

Giving some few highlights that i believe are the most needed for kids:
1. Attentions
2. Acceptances
3. Appreciations
4. Supports
5. Encourages
6. Affections
7. Respect
8. Security
9. Comfort
10. Approval
11. Friends and freedom to play.

Of course we could be making some limits on their playing and being with friends, but I believe it is okay for them to make even amount of friends and friendships or even play with friends a lot, unless they are into bad company. They also will learn to have a good close friends from their playing with other friends. When children play games and have fun, they easily could find out what types of games and fun they like to play or do with their friends, I believe this is really needed by children, though there are also different types of personalities, but all human especially children really need friends and need to learn playing with friends. I also believe that it is one way how God created children that they play with friends, have fun and jokes. I was almost 7years old when i started staying in hostels, i actually grew up in hostels, there were friends everywhere and almost every time. We were more than 100 of hostelers, I learn so many things like playing different types of games and sports, but my favorite sports became football, my favorite games became playing marbles with other 3 or 4 friends. I also learn having fun with friends and being with friends, how to make company with friends and relate easily to friends and new people, it helps me in so many ways besides my educational studies, though on the other hand there could also be some disadvantages of growing up in hostels as well. If we have time on that topic, may be we also will be trying to write on the sides of the disadvantages.

Another important thing that i believe in a family and with our kids is that we encourage an environment of freedom to be who they are, what they like and what they don’t like, not only trying to conform them by what we like or want, also seeing their generations. I believe kids need to exercise their ability of making their own choices from a young small age, because God already gave them the ability to choose even before they can walk, they may sometimes even make bad choices along the way like choosing ‘not so tasty biscuits’ in a shop, but they will also learn from the good and bad choices they made, they will learn what they like and dislike, what are their strength and weaknesses and their potentials.
Eg. If you are buying them some sweets or biscuits to a little kid, let them have the choice to choose what kinds of sweets or chocolates they like to have, it’s an exercise of their choice. They will learn to make the right choice by their own choice and not out of fear of parents, even when they are out of parents, they will learn to make good choices even in small things, even when they are with other friends.

I personally encourage friendships, sharing cheers and jeers or in other words freedom and transparency, ability to share feelings – hurts, pains, joy, happiness, even mistakes we made and the progress we made, and rejoice with one another or pray for one another as needed, sharing likes and dislikes openly to one another, good communications, ability to be who we/they are and listening to one another.

David Chawngthu
Editor: (Kingdom)representers.wordpress.com


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