Kingdom mindsets and the Grace to function:

Posted: September 15, 2011 in The Kingdom of God

As a believers of Jesus Christ living in a Christian states/provinces, countries or communities, or either born and grew up in a Christian family, or, might not grew up in that way, but have been a believer of Jesus Christ serving Him for years, we can be serving God religiously and traditionally without the Grace of God, and that is rotten, doing many things but rotten.

First of all I want to mention from the Word of God which the Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Corinthians:
1Cor 4:20.
For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power. (NIV)
For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power. (King James Bible)

For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of words, not a matter of talk, not a matter of singing, not a matter of having a nice choir, not a matter of having a wonderful worship band, not a matter of working so many things religiously or anything else, not a matter of being a sunday Christians, if they are without His grace, there is no power. We need to see how does those things effects our churches, our ministries, and especially our communities or either outside the 4 wall buildings of our churches. Is the kingdom of God coming? Is the Kingdom of God being released? Does the Grace of God came along with us? We may be functioning in different functioning but without His Grace, without His grace we will only function the rotten ministries, religiously and traditionally, that can be boring for many people.

When we say, “The kingdom of God”, it’s the King Jesus’s domain and dominion, if we have this mindsets of Kingdom mindsets and knowing we are working for the Kingdom of God, under the King’s dominion for God, to represent his Kingdom, there will be power in our ministries. It is not a matter of how many things you face in them, it may not be a matter of how many people share their testimonies, but a matter of the Grace that came along with the Ministry that you can sense in your spirit. Either in one way or either of them you will sense the Grace of God in what you are assigned to do or given, and power being released either in one way or other. We need the Grace of God, without them they only became religious and traditions. If we welcome the Grace of God to serve and functions in our Ministries, and die to our own selves, our own traditions and religiosity, there will be power in our ministries. Right now, by the Grace of God given to me I believe I function in one of the gifts of the Revelations, there is power in it and the Grace of God is there which gives me faith to receive them and also give out. If we find that something is rotten in what we believe God has called us to do, we need to check ourselves and our ministries, are we functioning by the Grace of God given to us? or our own strength and abilities?, we may be called into worship bands, in our churches choir, to sing for God, to serve God and people, we might have any kinds of gifts and talents, but do we have a deep understandings of the Grace of God that will make us to function with God’s power and ability in our ministries or works. We need to kill them if they don’t work, if we are only functioning religiously and traditionally, we need to let them die, they are of no use for the Kingdom of God, and you yourself die, let the Grace of God lead you as you function in the Grace of God, not by human might, not by human power, not by human ability, not by human strength, but functioning by the Grace of God which gives abilities. What is your strategy? What is your plans and goals? if they are rotten, kill them, allow them to die. Let the Grace of God gives you strategies, in which way you should be doing, if you need to change things differently like you never did before, never mind, if the Grace of God is functioning with you and your functioning by His Grace, that’s it.

It is not a matter of how long you have been doing those things? how long the ministry have been functioning in that way? that’s not the point, but the point is, does it have an affect on others to help them change something in them, Or just a show like a “ZOO”, that you are just booing around like a cow or just simply barking like a dog. Sometimes to make it more powerful and effective we like to add new dress, new team foam, new instruments which may not be really needed, but what we only need many of those times is just the Grace of God to function in our Ministries, and die to our own denominations, our own churches or our own ministries. When all things fail, what is left will be to function by the Grace of God, when ever you die, you will see the Kingdom of God functioning in your lives and Ministry.

So, when you felt that your ministries and your works are not functioning well, put on the Kingdom mindset from your ministries, your denominations, your churches or whatever. We must be people who put on the Kingdom mindsets, that we are working for the Kingdom of God, and knowing you can only function by the Grace of God, not by your strength or abilities. For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk (not in words,not a matter of eating and drinking, not a matter of dresses, not a matter of flowery looking good from the views of other denominations, churches or ministries) but of power. Whatever sphere we may be working by the Grace of God, we need to have faith in our works and what we are doing.

Having a clear Kingdom mindsets vision, or Kingdom heart will release the Grace of God, this may just be one way of them:
In whatever Ministry we are working, we need to have a clear vision of what we are doing, not just about our ministry, but for the Kingdom of God. When we have a view as the Kingdom of God, that will be the time visions will be popped up everywhere we go that are needed to be done for the Kingdom of God. Personally, I have a vision everywhere I go or travel – weather it’s in villages, towns, cities or country, if we put on the minds and hearts for the advancing of the Kingdom of God as being a believers of Jesus Christ, I believe we will be having visions everywhere we go, there are so many missions to work outside the 4 square church buildings. I want to challenge – where are the pioneers? Are you willing to step into all those areas? Are you willing to go to where nobody is going? My point here is that, we need to be people who put on the minds and hearts of God, the Kingdom mindsets, the Kingdom heart, we need to look wider – not just our denominations, not just our churches and competitions of church buildings. Are you dwelling and thinking oh! “Boring”?, then Why not think on these Missions? We don’t teach visions, visions are not taught, but captured in the heart. This is a challenge for whoever read this article, have a Kingdom heart and mindsets, capture a vision in your heart, do something about that vision either one way or the other. May His Kingdom come and may His Grace lead you and be with you to function in whatever you need to function.

God Bless You,
David Chawngthu
Aizawl, Mizoram, India.
Editor: (Kingdom)


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