As in Heaven, so on Earth, (May your Kingdom Come)

Posted: September 24, 2011 in The Kingdom of God

Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so on earth. Matt 6:10 (ASV)

In the Kingdom of God, it is better to take in less income with righteousness than bunch without righteousness, people who take in less income with righteousness have more Spiritual Authority rather than people who take in bunch without righteousness.

Eg: If you are called to businesses, you have more authority to stand against people who take in with corruptions and deceiving, even to the point of confrontations and even to be shameful (not by human flesh, but by the Spirit of God, for our fights are not against flesh and blood but of spiritual dark forces) of their sins (not to the point of destruction, but in a way of construction, for the Kingdom of God is not a Kingdom of destruction, but a Kingdom of construction and buildings, it only tears down strongholds and the power of darkness, but not the people and not to condemn them, but that the people are build up). You have a far Greater Authority then them, you have the Authority of the Kingdom of God. Know your Authority, you are Kingdom people working with Kingdom principles and Kingdom Authority, do what the scriptures said and obey what it commands. Businesses must be ruled by God’s Kingdom, and by faith without stingy and without the love of money, but by the Kingdom mindsets and Kingdom heart.

So, is with all other spheres and callings.

All (all means all) authority in Heaven and on earth has been given to Jesus Christ. As a believer of Jesus Christ, we need to be people who knows where we have more of the Grace of God shown upon us, in which areas do i/we have more Spiritual Authority.

Not that – skills are not important, of course they are, and we need to be skilled and develop God given potentials and also find out our potentials. But, The Kingdom of God is not by our might nor by our power, not a money power, educational power, material power or any other power, not even angel power (of course angels use God’s power), not a talent or skills power, not a human strength power, nor our fights against flesh and blood.
But, by the Spirit that lives inside of us, the Spirit who raised Jesus Christ from the death (by the Power of God)lives inside each and every one of the one who believes in Jesus Christ.

The Kingdom of God needs to come in all areas, in the areas of Government and laws, Business, Science and Technology (including video and computer games), Family, Communication departments, Arts and Entertainments (including video and computer games) and sports, Education, Church/ Religion. As they come together, they build up our nations and even the whole world, bringing the Kingdom of God on this earth, they must be ruled by God’s principles and ways.

Matt 28:18-19; Mk 16-15: “All Authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and ‘Make Disciples/ Evangelist’ all nations..(be apart of it in some ways or the other, working together for the Kingdom of God)” – Jesus Christ.


All Authority in Heaven and on Earth has been given to me. – Jesus Christ.

As a believer of Jesus Christ, we all have to learn living by faith and grow in our faith in some ways of our lives, either in our works, businesses, ministries, spiritual life or what ever spheres or callings we may be or the grace we are given, or the specific areas where we need to upgrade our faith. Let us learn to trust God and grow in our faith either some way or another in the areas where we can upgrade. Let us Upgrade our faith, let us walk from faith to faith.

We live by Faith, not by Sight. (2Cor 5:7) (NIV)

All Authority in Heaven and on Earth has been given to me. – Jesus Christ.

May Your Kingdom Come.
Blessings to you all whoever read this article
David Chawngthu

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