Do not end with the Evangelist

Posted: October 12, 2011 in The 5 fold Ministries

Looking at the grace of different functions and different gifts and callings:
1. Ephesians 4:1-16 – The 5 fold Ministries
2. 1Cor 12 (especially verses 7-11) – The 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit, (also read verses 27-31)
3. Romans 12:6-8 – The gifts of the Father
Ephesian 4:11
In many places, after churches do evangelism or have a Salvation Gospel camping, the follow up programmes were mostly put in the hands of the evangelist, but most times those were not that effective as it should be, speaking honestly. If you observe carefully in those follow up, it will usually be the prophetic people who are apart of the service and the newly born again believers who usually make it alive in those follow up services. Also when people came to the Lord, it is joyful for the other believers to see sinners coming to the Lord, that itself already welcome the Holy Spirit, unless the evangelistic teams had some degree of grace in those areas too. The evangelist does not usually have the grace to bring baptism of the Holy Spirit, the moves of the Holy Spirit and the anointing in those times. The evangelist has the grace to bring people to Christ, after they bring people to Christ it must be the works of other grace given in the Body of Christ to function for more effectiveness. People are needed to be brought to a closer relationship with God, they need to know who God is and Jesus Christ better.

I’m not talking about the church planting thing, this is where churches has already been planted, the evangelist went out and catch some fishes, but discipleship is greatly needed in every believer of Jesus Christ to be followed up after people came to the Lord. Sometimes in many churches, evangelist came and people came to the Lord and have a follow-up programmes of 2-3 days, and all discipleship seems to end there. But discipleship is a long term, hard work, really need to give all our strength, it is not a 2 or 3 days follow up programmes and then end. So, Discipleship is really needed.
Discipleship is a command of Jesus Christ we find in Matt 28:18-20.

18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

It is not the many rules and regulations that they needed to be taught, those things will only load them off and will only create feelings of heaviness in their soul or spirit, they will only get into religiosity and traditionalism rather than to the knowledge of Christ.

Some few things that are needed to be done by another grace from the Body of Christ:
They needed to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, prayed over them that the Holy Spirit would fall upon them, the anointing of God to fall upon them that they may be strengthened by the power of the Holy Spirit. They needed to be filled with the Holy Spirit. They also need to be in love and fall in love with Jesus Christ after they receive Jesus Christ into their hearts. They needed to be taught the Word of God and the life of Jesus Christ.

They needed to be taken care of by the Pastor or the pastoral people, they need to be counseled, not just counseled in public or as a group, but they need to be counseled personally (one on one), counseling is not a teaching or preaching time, it is also not a correction time either, one of the main thing and foremost in counseling is patiently listening to what the patient has to say, as they pour out their past life and hurts and all the things that they are not able to share in public, as they share them out they will come to be healed and live more of a life of freedom, their past wounds would be healed and feel more free. They also will have more of a family environment to the church or the Body of Christ. They needed to be listened, they need to feel the family environment of one another. Interacting with others in small groups and Bible studies. In discipleship, we need the 5 fold Ministries functioning, teachings, counseling, the presence of God, heart for missions and so on.

They needed to be taught the Word of God that they may have an understanding of the Word of God, their minds be cleansed and clear, they know what to do and what not to do according to the Word of God, and they knows the Bible, they learn to live God’s ways, they knows the principles of the bible, they knows the word of God and they knows how to pray, pray for others, teaching the art of worship, how to read their Bible, how to study their Bible and love the bible, they love to pray, teaching them all those that are written in the Word of God that they may come to live a life of obedient to God and Godly lives.

So, all these things needs to go hand in hand in a regular basis that Satan will not get a chance in the mean time to steal back what Jesus has brought through the evangelist. Since we have different roles according to the grace given to us by God, we need to function by the grace given to us, if the evangelistic people tries to do all what the other prophetic, pastoral and the teachers does with the grace given to them, of course some how he might be able to do somehow, but will not be effective as much as the prophetic, the pastoral and the teachers does with the grace given to them.

Just because the evangelist went and came home with some fishes, it does not mean that he would sink the fishes on the water, take care, clean and prepare everything, but the different parts of the Body can/will be doing and functioning in each of their different gifts and callings.

They will need to be taken care after they receive Jesus Christ, with a pastoral ministry they will need to be fed with foods and waters, and be taken care, learn to hear God’s voice or be sensitive to God and his moves, they will need to find out their spiritual gifts or other gifts, or either their talents that they can be useful into the church and to the Body of Christ, there must be an impartation that they may have a heart for Mission, a heart for the lost, weather they are gifted in evangelism or not, discipleship includes evangelism, that people have the heart for mission and the heart for the lost, and making sure we impart a Kingdom mindset or Kingdom view. These things might be taking long process and time, but we are not to allow the Devil to have rooms to steal back what God has entrusted to the Church, it is good that there is a regular building times for these things. Though they too will have responsibilities and steps to take, but there are numbers of responsibilities from the sides of the one’s the Lord entrusted to take care, to be stewardship.

I believe they are to go from:

1. Dependence: Depending on the feedings, blessings, caring, advice, wisdom, knowledge and so on by the teachers, pastoral and the prophetic ministries. New babies needs more caring and attentions, baby feedings with soft foods, they need milk, they need to feel the environment of belonging to the family of God with brothers and sisters in Christ, having fathers and mothers in Christ, after all we are all brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ and in the churches. This may even take some a year or more, but this is the time we are to be patient, understanding, caring, feeding, make friendships with them and a good communications, fun with them, and teaching them that they learn to live a holy lives and obey what God has taught us in the Bible, the Word of God, they need to know their identity in Christ and be rooted strongly in Christ, they are to learn the ways of God and his characters. They also need to catch the heart for Missions, the heart of God for Mission and learn to be passionate on it. So, these are not just some kinds of having a positions, they are real works and a servant-hood. The Pastoral, the Prophetic and the teachers, all of these can be a full time job, besides that there are also pastoral people, prophetic people, and people gifted in teachings. To —

2. Independence: They learn to feed themselves trusting God, care for themselves, make wise decisions themselves, relate to God easily by themselves and so on, for some – learning to stand in their rights, and for others learning to lay down their rights, and that they practice to die to their own self though dying to self may be a life time thing, learning to depend on God. Have passion for God and Ministry too. To–

3. Interdependent: (Vertically and Horizontally)Depend on God and others. Knowing that they need one another and each other, working or networking with others, but the ultimate dependent on God Himself.

These are not just some kind of positions you have, if you work, work hard on the responsibilities you are given with a sincere prayer and having faith on what you do, it is really a dedication works to the Lord. Doing everything with a servant heart, and a lifestyle of servant-hood, though there might be times you will need to stand strong and firm in some things too, for the good of the one’s you love and care, those too are some part of servant-hood in some ways. We are not functioning as somebody to give a great bunch of stern lectures, but the Kingdom of God functions through relationships with one another. Discipleship is a real work, sometimes it may be painful, sometimes emotionally drained, crying may even happens sometimes, but when you see the fruits, you will enjoy. So, work hard, pray hard, give concern, love and care when doing real discipleship. Discipleship is not an easy thing, it required lots of strength, patience, wisdom and understandings. They are full time jobs to many around the world, not just the pastors and evangelistic teams, but prophets, teachers and the apostles can function as a full time job for better effectiveness, for the church, and for the maturity of the saints. Everybody can grow and learn, and can be apart of discipling others in one way or another, because we are to take it as a lifestyle too. Even for our own personal lives, growing in discipleship is a life time thing, through all our life we need to grow in the ways of God and follow Him. We are also not to forget that they are also to get the heart for mission, without them getting the heart for mission, the discipleship would be complicated.

Anyway, over all, discipleship is a life time process for each of our lives.

We must not be afraid to release them if the Lord called them in some other things after they are under our care, after all we all are working for Jesus Christ and his Kingdom to come on this earth, and his name to be Glorified not just in Heaven but here on earth in all tongues and languages of the earth. Halleluiah! Amen!.

God Bless You,
David Chawngthu
Mizoram, India.
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