Taking The Word of God and some of it’s Effects:

Posted: October 14, 2011 in The Word of God, Meditation

The Bible:

On one of the notes written by Dave, we wrote about, “Some few importance of the word of God”, so this is apart of the continuation of that particular note.

When we read or study the word of God, we need to have a receiving heart, mind, big eyes and big ears to observed the written words of God. We need to have the heart to learn, which is an open mind rather than already made up mind or wanting to prove what we have already heard or knows about the scriptures we are reading, studying or meditating. We need to be like a little child who started learning the alphabets, and we are to grow in our understanding of God’s word.

When we read the word of God with already making conclusions about the story as if we have known everything and the hidden truths, we can stop the blessings and the understandings that we are to receive, the understandings and what God wants to reveal to us through the scriptures. So, our conclusions when reading the word of God must be in the end and not the beginning.

If we don’t read the word of God step by step or verse by verse (context), we can sometimes lost all the meanings of the scriptures we are reading or can even be used to support errors when not reading in context. It can sometimes even take us to the opposites or the characters and natures of God when reading in a fragmented ways and only picking up some of our favorite parts.

For Eg: If we only take one sentence from Ps 14:1, it says, “There is no God”,
but if we take it into context, it says, “The fool says in his heart, there is no God”.

So, the word of God said that it is the fools who said, “there is no God”, of course there is God. So, it is important to read verse by verse when reading the word of God, it is also important to knows who said the passage and to whom.

On the other hand of this, there must be 100’s and 1000’s of hidden treasures in each of the verses of the words of God, and it’s the Holy Spirit who can reveal those things to us, sometimes He may take them little bit out of context, but will not contradict the characters and natures of God. One of the ways God speak to His people is through the Scriptures, the Bible.

In one of the proverbs of Solomon copied by the men of Hezekiah, that is Prov 25:2 – “It is the Glory of God to conceal a matter, to search out a matter is the glory of kings”. As a believer, as kings and priests of the new testaments, we can include the revelations of the words of God here.

Jer 33:3 said, “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know”.

Today, we now have the word of God as one of the very important ways where God can tell us great and unsearchable things we do not know.

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. (2Tim 3:16-17)

Let us have a short study on this scripture:

1. All Scripture is God-breathed: (Inspired by the Spirit of God, it has got God’s power and the backing up from God when taken with a right motives, right heart and minds).
and is useful for

2. Teaching: giving instructions, directions, understandings, to know what to do and what not to do, in our Christian’s walk and journey),

3. Rebuking: Confrontations, Constructive criticisms.

4. Correcting: Giving corrections on wrongs and sins of what people do, not out of anger, not out of frustrations, not out of false motives, everything must be done out of pure love weather it need a little bit strong corrections or not.

5. Training in righteousness: (Living under good teachings will train you to walk in righteousness, much more than your ability, but with God’s abilities along with you, it will gives you power and ability to overcome and to live a righteous and holy lives, you will see that most training taken in a Christian courses will include many teachings from God’s Words or Biblical based, that people may walk and live a righteous lives).

6. This is the result: “So that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work”.
So, scriptures can be used for teachings, correctings and for training in righteousness, but the purpose and results for all these is that the people of God, the believers may be “THOROUGHLY EQUIPPED FOR EVERY GOOD WORK” (That there would be completeness, they would be made whole in all areas, in lives, in speeches, in actions, in thinking, in holiness, in faithfulness, and walking in a Godly lives, and into the ‘fruits of the spirits’.

The Word of God (the Bible) is useful for our training and guidance as a believer of Jesus Christ in our journey to heaven, while we are on this earth.

Dave and Jenny.
Emails us @ RepresentersOfChrist@gmail.com

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