Part-1 (Parenthood of God)

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Family/ kids and environments, Foundation on "Identities in Christ"

1. The Parenthood of God, Fatherhood, Motherhood and the Authority figure of God.
2. What every persons need.
3. Four Basic Emotional needs.

The word Father in Greek – “Pater”
“Pater” meaning – (Nourisher, Protector, Upholder).

Nourisher – Keep alive, provide with food or other substances necessary; encourage, cherish
Protector – Keep from harm or injury
Upholder – Support, encourage, raise, to lift upward.

Mal 4:5-6; John 14:6 – Restoration of the Father’s love and the Children’s love.
15 times in the Old Testament about Father, 254 times in New Testament.

Ways to understand and know the Fatherhood of God:
1) God reveals Himself through Prophets, through God’s People, through Creations, and through His Words the Bible. (Read: Heb 1:1)
2) Jesus reveals the Fatherhood of God while on earth especially – His love, unity and authority. Jn16:6-11.
3) As being human beings, our human fathers will not represent all of what God the Father is like, though they may represent some of them, but not all, because our God is a perfect Father and originator (bring or come into being) of all Fatherhood. This is because humans are not perfect, but God is perfect, but we are to imitate the Fatherhood and the Parenthood of God and grow in them. Matt 7:9-11, Luke 11:11-13.
4) The Holy Spirit is the gift from God the Father to us and He will reveal to us God the Father. John 14:26.

Misunderstanding of God’s Parental Authority can hinder us from deeper relationship with the Heavenly Father and our relationship with the authority upon us and people we take care:

(a) God’s Parental authority –
He is a gentle God. Ps 18:35
He is not harsh rejecting God. Hosea 11
He is a compassionate God. Hosea 11:8.
He is Merciful. Deut 4:31; Luke 6:36;
He disciplines us in grief not in anger, and with patients as love is patient. His hands are not to hit us. He may discipline us with stick or rod according to the Bible, but did not speak about using raw hands – hit or kick or slap in disciplining us because His hands are to show His tenderness and His power, His caring and healings of our broken hearts and Body. He is not abusive in His words and actions in disciplining us.
Slow to Anger. Ps 103:8.
(b) God’s Parental Faithfulness (Loyal, trustworthy, true, accurate). Isaiah 49:7 – God is Faithful. 1Thess 5:24.
(c) God’s Parental Generosity Matt 6:25-33. Seek Him (God).
(d) God’s Parental Affection (Hugging the prodigal son, which shows the Father God affection) Zep 3:17; John 3:16.
The whole point of redemption was redemption to relationship.
(e) God’s Parental Acceptance Luke 15:11-ff . No matter how old you become you will always be a child in the eyes of your Father God.

Every person’s Emotional needs: God created us for relationship. Emotional needs are strongest during childhood. There may be 100’s of emotional needs that a person have, but these are the 10 most needed highlight.


4 Basic Emotional needs:
1Sam 16:1-13 – The life of David; Ps 68:5- ; 27:10; 89:19-35; 103:13 – “Father to the fatherless”, “ The Lord will receive me”, “ Father has compassion ….. so the Lord has compassion”…….
Luke 10:30-35 – The Good Samaritan.

1. The Need to expressed love –
a) It must be communicated.
b) It must be expressed to a child in a meaningful ways.
– Playing with them
– Healthy Physical touch
– Hugs
– Appropriate Kisses
– Being cuddled on Papa’s lab.
– Father who spent time to get to know their children will gain to express their love in a way that means the most to a child.

2. The Needs to feel secure and comforted:
– Every child need to feel safe and secured.
– Parents need to let a child know that they are protected under them.
– They need to comfort in times of hurt, conflicts with friends, etc.
– Every child must able to express fully who they are in their homes without intimidation.

3. The Need of Praise and affirmation:
– A child hard work need to be praise and affirm. “You did a Good job”, “you can really do it”.
– Words like “I Love You”, “You are a blessing”, “You are handsome or pretty”,
– Identity need to call forth. (don’t ever say – you are ugly, you are very naughty, you are foolish), these are words of condemnation which comes from Satan. God convicts us but Satan condemn us.

4. The Need of Purpose in life: Purpose = meaning and can contribute in society.
We need to know that we can give something to the society.
– Parents responsible to cultivate their children’s talents and gifts.
– They need to be given sense of value. – “You can do it”, “you are good at it”, “you will make it in life”.
– Parents need to help the child belief that their lives mean something and can make a difference.
– They are a gift not only to Parents but to the society as well.

Part 2 Continue:

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