Orderly Worship for Intimacy with God and to know God’s Highlight:

Posted: December 7, 2011 in Worship

In Worship and services and other things, orderliness must not be for the sake of orderliness. When orderliness are used, i believe they should be for the sake of the advancement of God’s Kingdom and for God. In a war, there used to be an order where the Armies are placed, and spread out that they would win their wars, they have a strategies. In the same way, orderliness in worships and services must not be for the sake of orderliness and just to look good and nice, those are not the point.

For God is not a God of disorder but of peace. (1 Cor 14:33) – This verse here did not say that “God is not a God of disorder but of order”, this is what many people often mistaken, they change “peace into order”, order and peace are different, so orderliness is not for the sake of orderliness. It is also not about making rules and regulations and being legalistic either, it is opposite to that and I believe Spiritual discernment is needed for Spiritual Orderliness. I also believe that it must have a helpful purpose for the advancements of the Kingdom of God, or else it will only become a religiously set man made bunch of rules and regulations, or rules made out of fear, or either made up with controlling out of insecurity.

Below are some Small tips, corrections, growth and improvements that i wanted to make which had been functioning in those ways for generations to generations. I don’t say that the things I wrote are the only ways to worship, because the Holy Spirit can move in all different ways in times of Worship. But my point here is that we would enter into true worship, in many of our cases we need some corrections and orderliness in our Christian Worships. Spiritual Orderliness does not mean looking nice, neat and clean outside. Here I’m not speaking about celebration worship where we dance around, jump, shake, shout and do all those stuffs. I’m speaking about Intimate Praise and Worship. I’m also not speaking about private worship, but corporate worships. When i say, “Orderly Worship”, I’m not talking about people praying in tongues during worship times,I’m also not talking about people slain in the Holy Spirit, I’m not talking about Holy Spirit laughter and all those kinds of stuffs, or other moves of God that can happen. But, I’m talking about unnecessary messy and distractions that we can make during Worship times. It seems as if I’m also standing with the one’s who are leading the Worships and for the further advancements of the Kingdom of God.

For Intimacy with God and to know God’s Highlight in a Corporate Worship:
Some of the things that I believe we need to improve in many of the different worships are –

Talking around too much, laughing and speaking all different topics with friends and joking around in the middle of changing songs and worships: In the middle of changing songs, the worship times didn’t finish, we are still to be in the presence of the Lord with a heart of prayer, which could sometimes just be staying silent in those times, we could also use it as a special times for being sensitive to God, though there are no such rules as “Do not talk and don’t speak with one another”, we can talk and speak if it’s needed, but for the overall good of the environment of worships, to know what God is highlighting during or from the corporate worships, to give support to the one who lead the worship, and for a better environment of worship and God’s presence, we are to be sensitive to God in those times. I don’t say be religious, but I’m talking about changing our focus in Worship times.
We need to know the differences between singing songs and Worship: Simply singing songs are just a waste of time and boring in many cases, if we sing we must take it with the heart of worship, even though it may just be 1 or 2 songs. Singing songs is from the lips, Worship is from the heart, if you sing God’s songs from your heart, then it is more than a singing, it becomes Praise or Worship.

In the middle of changing songs during Worship times:
There might be people who have a word of knowledge or a prophecy to give out, they can inform the worship leader that they have a word of knowledge for everyone that they believe God spoke to them to give out. They might not be perfect and the words might not be accurate, or either it might bring encouragements and uplifting words, or can even bring a BOOOOMMM!!! breakthrough in the service, others can discern and judge the word, not judging the person. Let there also be a freedom to make mistakes in those times, and the worship leaders or others can cover up whatever mess they might be bringing with all gentleness, that the environment of Worship didn’t cool down but continued to be lifted up for God and for the overall worship.

In those times, It could be that God wants to:
– Encourage His people who are in the service
– Draw them closer to Him or speak a divine words of invitation and telling them that He loves them so much or other things,
– It could be a comforting words for others
– It could be a Bible verse that God is giving out to the people who are worshiping corporately

Sometimes it could just be a time of silence, and to hear God for oneself.

For others who are not leading the Worship? –
– It is not the time to go and share your personal life and what you are going through
– It is not the time to share your testimonies
– It is not the time to talk around, bring distractions around, unless the Holy Spirit is leading you to pray for somebody, or you got some word of knowledge, prophecy or encouragement for some particular person to tell to them during the Worship, you can go and tell them in personal in those cases. If it is for the corporate you can inform the worship leader or some other leaders that they can make some rooms for you in the mid times or in the middle.

Two or three prophets should speak, and the others should weigh carefully what is said. And if a revelation comes to someone who is sitting down, the first speaker should stop. (1Cor 14:29-30)

Points to remember on this verse is that, it does not need to be Prophet who have the words and the one who weights, everyone can prophesy, can get words of knowledge, everyone can get words of encouragements or anything that God is speaking, it could come from anybody, and anyone can weight the words, there is no limitation of only Prophets, this statement was particularly for the church of the Corinthians, and Prophets are not the focused, it’s the Spiritual Orderliness of the functioning. I have seen teachers getting words during worship times, evangelist continuously getting words of knowledge, and many different people getting words in those times. So, it is not limited for some people, anybody could be the one who receive the words.

There are no cut rules such as this is the only way it must be done, but these are some of them that are good to know in general.

We need to know when is the time of celebration worship where we jump, dance around, shake your boobs and shout, sometimes it could come both with Intimacy worship. But many times when it is time to be in intimate Praise and Worship, people have a mindset and traditions of shouting and dancing around, we need to know the timings when it is celebration praise and worship, and Intimate Praise and Worship. When our focuses are on the dancing around, the shouting or the jumping, most times we tend to forget the real Worship, and many times God has no room to deal with our lives or to reveal Himself to us, and sometimes has a lack drawing us closer to God. And again as I has often said, “Worship is the heart attitudes, it starts from the heart”.

When we focus more on other things, especially in celebration worships, we often fly away from the heart of Worship. For Worships are not about singing, dancing, dancing around, musics, shouting and all those stuffs, although those are apart and they can be helpful in our Worship times. When the focus of the Worship feed-backs became the dancing around parts, the shouting and jumping and all those stuffs rather than what God is revealing in the Worship time? How is God directing the Worship service in the hearts of people? What are the main focus that God is highlighting? Is it that God reveals His goodness, His Mercy, His Greatness, dealing with our sins and release His forgiveness, His Holiness, His Father-hood, His unconditional love? What is God doing and with what type of presence God manifest and reveal Himself to us into our hearts? These are the more important things for Highlighting after worships or later, rather than the shaking parts, the dancing around, the shouting and all those stuffs.

Many times, to recognize the Highlights of God working in the hearts of people as a corporate worship, we need to clear up the environment of everybody wanting to choose songs during the worship times or in the middle of changing songs, the unnecessary hyper choices, unnecessary messy talking in the middle of the songs, unnecessary distractions and so on. This is particularly for Worship, in other things we are to listen to one another, serve one another, learn from one another and so on, but particularly for Worship times, Worship leaders in some ways are doing intermediary works.

Many times people called it Worship and all their feed-backs are about the dancing around and the shouting, and had no feed-backs on What God is revealing to the church, to the hearts of the people as a whole during the corporate service or Worship. It is good to have a feed-back on dancing around and shouting, but those are not the points and are only the side parts. Worship is from the heart, it is about the heart attitudes, and we are to give feed-backs much more on What God reveals as a whole to the church, teams or as a Corporate, Does it draw us closer to know God more and in which ways? What kind of presence He is revealing and showing Himself, What God is saying as a whole? Does God reveal some Highlights of directions? It could be something that are lacking or needs to improve, it could also be confirmations of what God is doing and has been doing, or any other things. What is God Highlighting in your personal life and as a corporate from your Worship times?

(Please feel free to give your opinions and comments especially on this topic)

God Bless You,
David Chawngthu
KOHAM email: RepresentersOfChrist@gmail.com


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