Relationship: Listening to One Another

Posted: December 28, 2011 in Family/ kids and environments

The importance of One Another:

Bear One Another’s Burdens: Listen to One Another

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. (Gal 6:2)

There could be many ways we can “Bear One Another’s Burden”, it could be listening to One Another’s burden, pains and hurts, it could be in finances, giving moral support, to encourage

one another, to serve one another, to support one another and many other things according to the situations, all these things are good and healthy, useful and supporting, and it is bearing one another’s burden.

In all these things, one of the very powerful and important ways to bear one another’s burden that we often over look and forgot is “Listening to One Another”, this is one way that we can bear one another’s burden. This is one of the very important aspect of Pastoral Ministries as well.

When people faced different situations, any kinds of situations, they might receive finances for help, they might receive encouragements, they might receive people serving them, they might receive different kinds of helpings, all these are good, but many times if this thing called “Listening to One Another” is not practice, many times people’s burdens will not be lifted up, sometimes all they really need is someone to listen to them.

For marriage couples, you can always share your feelings and what you have gone through with one another and carry one another’s burden in those ways. On the other hand if the problems are big, though you might be sharing and carrying each others burden, it is also good that you share to other trusted friends who would listen to your burdens, and as you share your burdens and they listen, or they share and you listen, and this is one way that you can carry “One Another’s Burden” as the word of God teaches us. “Listening to One Another” is actually one of the very important thing and one of the main thing in counsellings, inner healings and in Pastoral Ministries.

Though many times it may not always be possible to share to someone who would listen to you, if you are married you can listen to one another, you don’t always need to give answer, you don’t always need to encourage, you don’t always need to give corrections, you don’t always need to teach and know everything, you don’t need to be perfect, you don’t need to take it as a burden or being stressful, you don’t need to be the problem solver, all you do and need to do is “Simply Listening”, and that’s it, in it’s simpliest form, that itself brings inner healing and release of stress. Though you there might be things you want to ask them in more details, or encourage a little bit and pray for them, but it is also better to emphasized on listening to one another.

Sharing your jeers, sadness, anger, sorrows, past life, past pains and hurts, present pains and hurts, what things make you feel insecure or angry?, share the things you have gone through in your life, share your hard works, your trails, your failures, your weaknesses, or any other things that are in your hearts or feelings, whether they are shameful, what things or words makes you trigger your inner being? which parts or things make you feel insecure, pain or hurt your feelings inside of you, when you look at your inside with an open heart and mind? All human beings, men and women, young or old, all people are created in the image of God having minds, will and emotions, and we need each others to listen to one another.

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them” (Gen 1:27).

Many times what people really need is someone who would simply listen to them as they share their feelings, as human beings we all need these things from time to time. Many times, Pastors and Leaders are the most who needed these things, they have been ministering and helping others, working hard, but they themselves need the “One Another”, someone they can share their feelings and what they went through, someone who would simply listen to them with an understanding heart of what they are facing and bearing, in that way you can carry “One Another’s Burdens”.

You do not need to hurry in those situations, let there be freedom to express their feelings, sometimes the gap could even be a minute as they think and process on what they want to share, give rooms and freedom to share. Sometimes, there might be anger, crying, laughing, wanting to shout, as they share their hurts and pains, it is okay to express their feelings, they are all apart of the healing process or the healing of the pains and hurts in the things they went through, or they have been going through.

In a family or as a couple, you can also often share your cheers, your joy and sadness with a family environments and listen to one another, a time of “Listening to One Another’s Burdens and Joys”.

Many times we want to be the one who speak when bearing other’s burdens, but unless it is a time of discussions, asking questions on the process of their sharing and listening to them is one of the most powerful ways to “Bear one Another’s Burden” in this type of case, you can pray for them or pray after all are shared.

Some options that you can do –
1. Either as a family or a couple, if you are married, you can make time for listening to one another.
2. You can learn to do with friends, or setting time and making a small group of 3 to 4, or even one on one/ one by one. (Encouraged for one on one: male to male, female to female)

One important thing is that, it is not a time of gossip, though you will need to share the truths of what you are going through, how you feel. After you listen and share to one another all that are in your hearts, you can pray together releasing forgiveness, prayer of God’s blessings upon each other or praying for one another are useful and good if they are possible.

During our whole lifetime, we will all need to bear one another’s burden, “Listening to One Another’s burden” would not be excluded in our life time, they are one of the very important part, and one of the main needs of a human being.

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. (Gal 6:2)

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