WORSHIP (Connected with God 24/7)

Posted: March 1, 2012 in Worship

What comes to your minds when you hear the word ‘WORSHIP’? At least for the most part of Northeast India, we can agree that Music is the first thing that comes to our mind. I believe that goes for different parts of the world too.

When I was asked to write on worship, the Lord put a burden in my heart to start praying for a serious breakthrough of understanding what ‘WORSHIP’ really means globally, especially in INDIA. The Bible says ’the Truth will set you free’ and I believe the enemy knew this so well that many of us are blinded from knowing this simple yet profound meaning of worship.

Worship is not music; worship is not songs, not paintings, nor dance or drama etc. these are just the expressions of worship. Worship cannot be confined to a box; it is simply our connection to HIM.

The more we stay connected to Him, the more we become like Him. It changes our perspectives and realized how much He loves us and sees how Great is our God.

As Matt Redman, author of the song ’ Heart of Worship’ clearly says, ‘God is altogether lovely, He is self- sufficient’. In other words, He’s transcendent. ‘He’s matchless and He is unique’.

You look through the Bible and see that God breathes, but you only see God BREATHING out in the Bible. He breathes mercy; he breathes holy anger. He breathes into this thing and give life. He breathes into this thing and that thing; He’s always breathing out. So God breathes, but you never really find Him breathing in. The reason is that he’s self- sufficient. He’s not like us. We need to breathe- in air, but not God.

There is nothing that God needs. That gives a great picture of how high above us He is. He’s the only self- sufficient one there is. Everything in Physics, in astronomy, biology- everything needs something else to exist. We ourselves, we can live because we are breathing in the breath that God’s given us to breathe. He is the God who breathes out but never breathes in.

Psalm 50, “ You thought I was altogether like you?” (v.21). And in the same psalm He talks about that He doesn’t need anything. The book of Acts, chapter 17 says, “He is not served by human hands as if he needed anything?” (v.25). Then in Romans; “who has ever given to God that God should repay him? For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things?” (11:35, 36)

He doesn’t need our worship one tiny bit; there’s nothing that we can give to Him that isn’t already His in the first place. You can’t add to God.

But one beautiful thing is that God LOVES our worship. So we are trying to paint mystery in Worship: the self-sufficient God who delights in the tiniest, almost worthless offering in the world’s eyes. This is a God who is infinite but yet altogether intimate. The fact that God is altogether ortherly, and a God who draws near to us and gets involved with our lives.

True meaningful and pure worship is a response to His revelation. And one of the primary results of receiving radical revelation from God is being commissioned and then comes repentance. Part and parcel with the worship experience and seeing God is HUMBLING OURSELVES. We see our own differences and His kindness leads us to repentance. Worship isn’t a place to hide, but a place to be found.

So as we connected with God we keep growing in deeper knowledge of who our God really is and our faith and trust in Him grew stronger each day and that is what produces a change of life (Eg: characters and the fruits of the Spirit – added). That is why we always hear people saying ‘worship is a lifestyle’. True worship requires a change of life and that changes can only happen when we get connected with Him.

I was really challenged when I heard the teaching on Worship from Kim walker who is also one of the worship leaders from ‘Jesus culture’. She said something like this: ‘worship has to grow, it has to change, and it has to move forward and progress’.

It is so true; we cannot stay in the same place friends. How amazing would it be coming to a place where we just don’t always depend on our Pastors, Evangelists, youth Pastors and worship leaders anymore? Nothing wrong on having them as our spiritual leader and help us get to know and understand His word better and also have worship leaders who help us get connected through beautiful songs and music.

But are we going to depend on them alone for our spiritual growth? Are we going to depend on songs to help us connected? Depend on music? If they don’t preach well then we go away from God? If they don’t lead worship the way we like it, then we don’t worship? We cannot stay here.

What would it be like? We all get connected with God in our own personal ways throughout the whole week, excited and looking forward to fellowship with the body of Christ, and as the worship begins on Sunday services, we all go straight into the heart of worship without the need to depend on Music or nothing else but just His presence… (That connection between you and God). Wouldn’t this bring such a Joy to the father’s heart? Are we ready to move forward and progress?

John 4; 23-24: says, “Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.”

This is what a true worship would look like. It is pure and real. God is seeking for that kind of worshiper who has connected with God everyday and chooses HIM above all else. Now this has nothing to do with Music, styles, appearances and anything else anymore, but it is now simply all about HIM.

Can we start praying for a church where all the believers having a right understanding of worship, who would come and worship God already being connected even before entering the Church?


Are we ready to Choose Him over our pain, sorrows and life questions? Can we say, “Ok God, more than an answers, I want YOU. I want YOU more than I want answers”.
Matt Redman wrote in his songs ‘though there’s pain in the offering… blessed be your name’.

Are we also ready to worship God at all times?

Let’s get connected with God 24/7

Thanga Nohro
School leader of School Of Music In Missions (SOMM)
Youth With A Mission, YWAM Bangalore, India.


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