Pastoral Ministries

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Family/ kids and environments, The 5 fold Ministries

Pastoral Ministries in the Context of the Northeast Indian:

Pastoral Ministries are working well in many areas of the Northeast India and that is good, for example in the areas – serving one another, coming together as a communities, visiting the sick in hospitals, helping one another and community relationships, those things are good and must go on.

But, there are things that we also need to grow in Pastoral Ministries, which are more of the inner issue and more dept – Biblical counseling, listening to one another’s burdens, healing the wounds of others through listening to them in person to person or as a smaller group, and praying for one another at that same moment, not a prayer request from the market place or street, but together in the listening to one another times. We prayed for one another a lot, but more of that what is important is that we really knows and listen to their hearts for the healings of people’s wounds and then prayed for one another, in that way they can be more useful again for the works to which God has called them and to serve the Lord, even though complete healings for all things might not be possible at once. And it is the process to be done in the midst of our workings for God.

As we Work and serve, doing the job, at the mean time the Pastoral Counseling are important that people can be more useful for the works of God. We cannot give everything only to counseling others and healing their wounds, but at the same time we cannot neglect to bring healing to the wounds of others on the process of their serving the Lord or as they work their daily works.

But if the Body of Christ in a city, region or state are Big enough, there will be much work and many pastoral counseling centers will be needed for the Body of Christ that work in full times. Pastoral Counseling are not just for drug addicts, prostitutes and so on, but even for pastors themselves, servants of God, business people, Mummy working tired at home and all types of people. They are really one Mission that are needed. Listening to one another and bring healing to the wounds of one another.

Pastoral Ministries are also useful especially after a long works of Missions or works, at the same time during the works and serving. Other times, People can get burned out and they can need a Pastoral care counseling to get back to work, at that moment they also need some rest that they can start their works again with more strength. Or, in the midst of missions and works, providing for pastoral care counselings are one useful thing.

If Pastoral Ministries are not functioning well or are not there, in a team, in a ministry, or in the Body of Christ, especially in Big Ministries or tiring works and missions, then there are possibilities for more burn outs, strive, brokenness and tiredness. The characters of the relations of one another will be more rough, like sheep without Shepherd.

When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd. So he began teaching them many things. (Mark 6:34).

When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were Harassed and Helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. (Matt 9:36).

The part I’m picking out from these verses is that ‘they were harassed and helpless’, it may not be in context with the Bible verse, but the character, a Shepherd usually guides their sheep closely and knows them intimately and cares for their them, and that’s quiet a type of Pastoral Ministry part we can pick out from here.

There are also many other Bible verses from the Bible – what we may called, “The One Another Passages”, care for one another in love, serve one another, respect one another, and so on..

Some main definitions of a Pastoral Works are – serving one another in love (Gal 5:13), caring one another (1Cor 12:15), helping one another, dealing with the wounds of people, having a covenant relationship with one another, making small groups for strengthening and encouraging, fellowship with one another, giving Biblical counseling and listening to people, and so on. Some of the things pastoral people are interested are wedding and marriages, family relationship, children and kids.

Families are important, they are the one who formed the Bigger communities coming together, so either in communities or marriage counseling, how to bring up children and kids, and dealing with burn outs working hard, giving rest and peace to people, they are important for all these things in general.

All these things are some main works of the Pastoral Ministries, and in many ways, we as a Northeast Indian, we are good in many ways of them. But there are some few important points where we also need to grow, some of our languages in communities, in Biblical counseling, listening to people and dealing with people’s hurts and wounds, making a small groups of fellowship with one another to build covenant relationships, and not only for that purpose, but also for people to strengthened and encouraged with one another in their faith. Those are the things we seemed to be lacking in Pastoral Ministries around our region in the Northeast Indian Body of Christ.

In other things, we are more type of community cultures where we also need to develop more to be a pioneering culture.


– David Chawngthu


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