Financial Miracles in 2006

Posted: August 11, 2012 in Testimonies (Past & Present)

It was back in 2006, we were in our Discipleship Training School in Ywam Hyderabad, and while we were there, we felt God speaking to us to give most of the money we had for some particular thing. So, we did as we felt God speaking to us. At the same time while we gave that money, the person we gave was so much in need that He was praying to God for whole night because of that need, and we didn’t knew that, we just felt God told us to give, so we obey and did being a Servant of Christ.

Then later we were without money for that month, no single money, it was around the month of either August or September. At the same time, the school was doing some practical thing, giving some gift/things to one another, at least some simple things to give out each day, with a minimum cost of Rs20/- each, everyday for 5 days. My wife and I we had gifts to give for 4 days, though we didn’t have money anymore, but we didn’t have gifts to give for the 5th day. But the miracle was that, one of our friend felt that He need to give us Rs. 100 without knowing anything about us, so He gave us Rs.100 while we were exactly in need and without any single money. That gift was outside the practical things we were doing in the school, it was a personal thing/gift. Though the amount is less and was only Rs. 100, but it was a miracle according to our need, while we had no single money to buy for even a simple gift. At the exact moment and timing, and day, when we were in need, God provide us for what we need.

Our God is a God of Miracle, He love to do and show His miracle to His Children, He love to Amaze His Children in different situations and circumstances. This story here is a miracle to the person we gave, and also a miracle to us. And God loves to test in our Faith in different ways, different circumstances and situations, and He is also a God of miracle.

And My God Will Meet All your Needs according to His Glorious Riches in Christ Jesus. (Phil 4:19)

Whoever read this, May God provide All Your needs according to His Glorious Riches in Christ Jesus, and May You see a Financial Miracle in All Your needs and in Your Job. And if you are without job and you need one, may God provide you with a good job, may you find a good job that you love to work. May God Bless All who read this.

In Christ Jesus,
David Chawngthu
Kingdom Apostolic Ministries.


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