Loren Cunningham’s Vision for ‘University of the Nations’ (UofN) in Kona

Posted: November 8, 2012 in The works of God around the world (past and present)

How “University of the Nations” (UofN) in Youth with a Mission (YWAM) get started.

(Note: YWAM is known as the World Largest Interdenominational Organization.)


It was 1974, we lived in Hilo Hawaii, but God had said, “Go to Kona”… and at that time, Kona was just a really a ranching area…….

We sat in empty room on campus, and it was in this new hahaha new hotel to us, but it was old and torn out, there was no carpets on the floor, all we had in our apartment, Darlene and I just had 2 metal chairs. Howard was sitting on one, I am sitting on the other, and everything else is empty.

And I am saying to this World Famous Educator, a man who has written 13 text books that are used in graduate schools and over 100 nations of the world, and I am sitting there with him, and I said, “Howard, God wants us to have a University from Ywam”, he said, “Yes I know that”. And I am shocked**, I said, “You know that?”, because I knew no one has been told yet, It was a highly secreted thing, he said, “Yes, God told me that last spring”.

The speeches above are taken from Loren Cunningham’s speeches in this video clip “History of UofN Kona”, (Founder of YWAM) (His vision of starting the University of the Nations in YWAM). Watch the video to know more… and be inspired, strengthened,… be blessed..


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