8 Steps to hearing God’s voice

Posted: September 25, 2013 in Hearing God's Voice & The Prophetic


{This particular “8 Steps” teaching note is from YWAM (Youth with a Mission), this teaching must have been taught and practiced by over lakhs and lakhs of people around the world. I’m giving my own examples for more understandings. These are just to help us in our practice of Hearing God’s voice. We want to add this important and good teaching YWAM got as we Advance the Kingdom of God from the area of “Prophetic Teachings” these days, weeks or so on. Anyway, these are important things for a lifetime…}..


I. Clean Heart principle. Make sure your heart is clean before God by giving the Holy Spirit time to convict you about any un-confessed sin in your life. Confess that of which He speaks. See: Psalm 66.18; Hosea 5.4; Ps 51:10; Heb 10:22

Ex: Create in me a clean heart O Lord. Check your heart before God and make them clean, ask forgiveness if anything unclean and God will forgive any sin, and make sure your heart is right before God.

II. Acknowledge our dependence on the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us. Ask God to completely control us by His Spirit. See: Eph 5.18, John 14.16,17, Joh 16.13, Acts 16.6-10.

Ex: Lead me and guide me Lord, I submit my life and this time into your hands

III. Die to our own reasoning, imaginations, desires, and burdens of what you feel you should pray for. See: Prov.3.5-6, Isa 55.8

Ex: If you want to hear what God wants to speak to you, anything he wants to speak to you, wants you to pray about or wants to tell you, you’ve got to silent your own pre-conceived ideas. (NOT TO BE CONFUSED with asking God some questions regarding your desires, your burdens, your situations and so on and then you listen to Him).

IV. Deal aggressively with the enemy. Silence his voice. See: James 4.7, 2 Cor. 10.4,5.

Ex: (3 voices: The voice of God, our own voice and voice of the enemy). I said to the Devil, “You have no authority upon my life, i command you to get lost from me, you have no authority, and I bind every voice of the Devil in the name of JESUS CHRIST.”

V. Ask God for the fear of the Lord Prov 1.7, Hos 5.4

VI. Praise Him by faith for the exciting time He is going to give you. God will do something consistent with His character. See: Num 23.19, Ps. 103.17, Ps. 95.1,2.

VII. Wait before God in silent expectancy. Listen for direction. See: Ps.62.5, Ps 46.10.

Ex: Expect that the Lord will be speaking to you, and wait in silent.

VIII. In faith and obedience, take action on what God brings to your mind, believing He has spoken to you. See: 2 Chron. 20.21-22

Ex: Sometimes when God spoke to us in our thoughts, the Devil would love to say, “That’s just your thought, not God’s voice”…


(NOTE: IMPORTANT TO KNOW: Constant practice will help you hear God’s voice more. And as you practice these things in regular, you will be fluent soon on “how to hear”. These steps are just to help us hear God’s voice more easily, it’s good to go step by step in the beginning of practicing, so that we can hear from God more easily, less distracted by the Devil’s voice and our own thoughts.

EVEN THOUGH IT’S REALLY IMPORTANT TO KNOW THESE STEPS, BUT THEN WHEN YOU PRACTICE IN REGULAR everyday for some few days, YOU NO MORE NEED TO GO THESE STEPS. They became really simple, because when you wait to hear God’s voice, you just know in your heart that you need to have a clean heart, important to silent your own thoughts, imaginations, your own burdens, and your preconceived ideas, have the fear of the Lord, and wait expecting that God will speak and he does speak, and sometimes believing that he spoke is important.

– David Chawngthu


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