Finances in order:

Posted: September 25, 2013 in Other Teachings

It’s a simple thing yet useful thing i learn from YWAM, i might be expanding a little bit more, anyway, these are simple things but really help my family, hope some will be blessed as well, may even be many of the readers –

1. Obligations: Legally bound, duty, things we owe to the Governments or the owners, formal agreement with someone involving money – Bills, tax, fees, electric bill, Cable TV bill, school fees, college fees, house rent, water bills, tithes, etc etc..

2. Needs – (a.Basic needs and b.Other needs) Foods, veg, meats, fruits, bread, biscuits, drinks/juice, noodles, baby diapers, baby foods, baby clothings and other baby needs, cosmetics – tooth paste, body spray, etc etc… Petrol/diesel, travelling fair, gas, taxi fair/conveyances, communications – internet, phone bills, Stationery needs, Household needs, Clothing needs – shoes, shirt, pants, jackets needs, underwear… etc.

– Repairing needs at home and materials, Family outing needs, etc etc…

3. Wants – Family outing wants, family picnic, going for new honey moon somewhere, etc..
Entertainments, cinemas, going to concert, games, going to gatherings, clothing wants, resource centers, household wants, shopping wants, travelling overseas, etc etc…

Note: This is not for being stingy, we are to be generous, but this for organizing our finances well in spending, whether we take in less or many, hope you be blessed. If you have an opinion or you want to add anything, feel free to add here.

– David Chawngthu


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