Receiving from the Prophetic Grace:

Posted: October 10, 2013 in Hearing God's Voice & The Prophetic

Welcoming the prophetic (How to receive from the Prophetic Ministry?): Experiencing God, Spiritual eyes and ears opened up to hear more from God, Spiritual senses opened up more than before.

Put your trust in the LORD your God and you will stand firm/ be established. Have faith/believe in his prophetS and you will be successful/prosperous. 2 Chro 20:20b

According to our experiences and what we have seen – I had been part of Discipleship Training School Courses in past years in YWAM, I’ve been in 6 different “Discipleship Training School” Courses of 5 to 6 months each, with different speakers from around the world. And had been to different Churches in India and outside India, and different other meetings.

So, this is how i understand about welcoming the prophetic – as a teacher or as a prophetic:

If you welcome a Prophet to speak and minister in your church or meetings, it is possible that personally you only receive him as a teacher, then you only receive his teachings in head knowledge, but didn’t prepare your heart or put your heart to experience God and for a better relationship with God.

There’s Great grace to prophesy for every believers of Jesus Christ in the presence of Prophets and prophetic ministries –

Let’s look at from the life of Saul and his men – 1 Sam 19:18-24

David ran away from Saul and went to Samuel in Ramah, when Saul heard that he sent his men to capture David, but they all ended up prophesying in the presence of Samuel and the Prophets. Saul sent his men 3 different times to capture David, but they all ended up prophesying in that presence of the Prophets. Saul himself went for the 4th, but then he stripped off his robes, and also prophesied in Samuel’s presence and lay that way day and night. Therefore, in the presence of the Prophets and the prophetic, there’s great grace to prophesy for every believers of Jesus Christ, even Saul and his men who went to capture David all ended up prophesying, even Saul stripped off his robes, and lay that way DAY AND NIGHT. And if we study the importance of prophesying and prophecies, there are really great benefits of prophecies.

Paul said, “Follow the way of love and EAGERLY DESIRE gifts of the Spirit, especially that you may prophecy.” (1 Cor 14:1)

When you only desire to know him speak for more knowledge and understanding, you only receive him as a teacher or speaker.

This is an important thing to know because many people love to hear prophetic people teachings and speaking as a speaker and as a teacher, but don’t prepare themselves that their Spiritual eyes and ears would be opened up more than before, hear God’s voice better, they themselves would prophesied better, experience GOD for themselves more under that grace. SO THAT THE PROPHETIC MINISTRY WOULD FLOW BETTER, WE SHOULD RECEIVE THE PROPHETIC MINISTRY, NOT JUST TEACHINGS AND PREACHING, not just as a teacher or speaker. We need to prepare our hearts and everything in us.

When you welcome the prophetic part of him, you’ve got the desire to experience God with hunger and thirst. For a closer relationship with God, hear God’s voice better, see the invisible Kingdom of God (the unseen realms), experience him in a new fresh way, your Spiritual eyes to be opened up, your Spiritual ears to be opened up more than before, more hunger and thirst for more, a desire to know God better, and a desire to have a better relationship with God.

Under the prophetic anointing, all those graces are there, and we need to prepare ourselves, there need to be freedom in the Spirit, to hear God’s voice better than before, to break the religious spirits and legalistic in our churches or meetings, we need to opened ourselves, we need to prepare our heart that our Spiritual eyes and ears would opened up more than before, we need to prepare ourselves that we would be renewed and experience God in a fresh new way, have a better and closer relationship with God.

– David Chawngthu


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