Receiving from the Apostolic Grace – Part 2

Posted: October 17, 2013 in Foundation on Apostle/ Apostolic

Advancement of the Kingdom and the Apostolic:

First of all, it is impossible to be Apostolic without the heart of Advancing the Kingdom of God. In Part 1, we wrote about the purpose of the Apostolic is Advancement of the Kingdom. And it seems that some people who are called into the Apostolic, who are called to be Apostles never really function in the Apostolic just because they got no idea what’s an Apostolic is, and they got no idea of what’s their calling is all about.

Therefore, it seems that some who are called to pioneer, pioneered one thing in their life time and never pioneered anything again. Some others have the heart of Advancing the Kingdom, but never Move forward or take initiatives, or Advance anything else in their whole lifetime except one thing in one season of their life.

Let’s look at Prophets as an example: The main purpose of Prophets is to bring people into closer relationship with God. If a Prophet doesn’t know his or her main calling, then he or she will bring people closer to God 40 years ago, but never again bring people into closer relationship with God all through their life. That kind of Prophet seems like he or she WAS a Prophet 40 years ago.

If we look at “Bob Jones”, he is an old man, a really old man, a respected senior Prophet, known as “Senior Prophet of America” and Internationally well known. Till today, in his old age, he’s still a blessing for people around the world, bringing people into the unseen realms and into closer relationship with God.

In the same way, it is important for us to know the function of the Apostolic. Just as the purpose of the Prophetic is bringing people into a closer relationship with God, so is with the Apostolic the Advancement of the Kingdom.

Apostles and Apostolic people who are no more in the condition of pioneering new things or pioneering works can still advance the Kingdom of God, they can either encourage others to advance the Kingdom of God, they can encourage others to move forward, or to take a step, or to establish the Kingdom, to take new territories, or to take new initiatives, or sent out workers into the harvest field, sent out missionaries and evangelists into the harvest field, etc, and to advance the Kingdom of God.

“Advancement of the Kingdom” may includes numbers of things – Pioneering, Trailblazing, Visions, Moving Forward, taking actions, sending out workers into the harvest field, sending out missionaries, establishing the Kingdom of God, taking new initiatives for the Kingdom of God in any areas or arenas of life, and might be more than that.

In Genesis when God commissioned Adam and Eve, God said, “Be fruitful and multiply, have dominion, rule the earth”. That was an Apostolic assignment and commission.

For the multiplication of Grace, Apostles cannot say, “I’m an apostle, i’ve got the grace of the Apostolic and i don’t need another apostle”, and a Prophet cannot say, “I’m a Prophet, I’ve got the grace of a Prophet, I don’t need another Prophet”, that’s not how the Kingdom work, but the truth is that we really need one another, we are to build up one another, learn from one another, being trained by one another, fire up one another, encourage one another, lift up one another, strengthen one another, impart and bless one another.

Boldness, Courage, Rulership, Governmental and Authority:

We have told that Boldness and Courage are part of the Apostolic, because the Apostolic portrait Jesus as the Lion of the tribe of Judah. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah may represent many more meaning than that as well, Governmental, Authority, Rulership, Boldness and courage and more. Therefore, all those are part of the Apostolic grace, and Leadership is one biggest grace of the Apostolic.

“Be fruitful and multiply, have dominion, rule the earth”.

The Grace to rule, the Grace to Govern, the grace to lead, the grace to have Authority, that’s one big aspect of the Apostolic. These abilities, these Apostolic Grace can be released and imparted to others in the Body of Christ and the Kingdom of God.

Visions: Vision is one of the Apostolic Grace

Apostolic visions are not inside the church itself, their visions are for their city, their region, their territory, their nation, or nations, with the Kingdom perspective.

If a vision is not Kingdom perspective, it’s not Apostolic. In the Apostolic Grace, Visions are released, captured, or imparted, people captured visions, have visions, talked about visions. Every Apostolic culture, community or churches talked about visions, visions are important to them, they kept on talking about visions, “Apostolic and Vision” are two closely related things, Apostolic Grace equipped people to be visionaries or to have vision for the Kingdom of God –

– New visions the Lord is giving, sometimes your new vision could be something that’s already in your heart, other times might not be.
– Other times it could come from hearing the voice of the Lord
– Sometimes visions could be imparted from Spiritual leaders by the will of God, to fullfill God’s mission, just as Moses to Joshua.
– Other times visions could come from the needs in the region or the needs in the area that you saw

Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, as in Heaven So on earth.
Vision for the Kingdom of God, “Vision”, this is the Apostolic Grace.

– David Chawngthu


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