Few signs of Valuing others/ one another:

Posted: November 10, 2013 in Family/ kids and environments, Valuing others

These are some few signs of valuing people:

1. Our communications and words to others shows our valuing for others, others will feel our value for them. Whether they are kids, man or women, young people, young or old, we need to value them.

Ephe 4:29 – Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

2. When we value others by showing our honor and respect, especially in our relations to one another – greeting people, showing our honor, showing hospitality, serving them, showing them that we valued them no matter who and the way they are. etc. Romans 12:10 said, “Honor one another”.

3. When we give full freedom in the clothing and makeups of others and one another, and which doesn’t bring temptation to sin, and without judging them from their outward appearances, that’s part of valuing others and one another. God loves people just the way they are, and God loves them just the way they are.

“Do not judge by mere appearances, but judge with righteous judgment”.(John 7:24)

4. Many times the way we treat others will determine how much we value them. The Bible said,

Luke 6:31 – “Do to others as you would want them do to you” (NIV)
“Treat others as you would want them to treat you” (NASB)

5. Valuing the gifts and callings of others is part of valuing others, releasing them into their destiny and calling.

6. People and others must be able to be who they are and just as they are, this is one way we can value them, that they have freedom because they are valuable. They must able to be just as they are, because they are valuable. Even though this may not be a permission to sin, or become a rebellion person, this may not be a permission to go and do adultery, steal things, have sex outside marriage, or do sinful things. And the word of God said,

Do not judge by mere appearances, but judge with righteous judgment”.(John 7:24)

When we judge others by outward appearances which has nothing to do with sin, or temptation to sin, which doesn’t hinder the Gospel, and being legalistic to them, we do not value others. we only tried conforming them into our personal image, of what we have for them, rather than giving them freedom, and letting people be people, we only become legalistic and don’t value people. Sometimes valuing people will stretch you so that people can be who they are and people can be people. And where the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ is, there is freedom.

Not to judge by mere appearances is a part of valuing others, that they can be just as they are and who they are. We must remember that there are diverse kinds of people on this earth, because God is creative, and that God is a creative God.

No matter who and what type of people, young or old, kids or children, no matter from where and who they are, our job is to value others just as they are. We need to let people be people, rather than unnecessary critiques, unnecessary controlling, being legalistic or judgmental, and that’s the Kingdom of God.

– David Chawngthu


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