Father, Mother and Children – Emotional Healing

Posted: February 20, 2014 in Emotional Healing


You may be born without Father or Mother, or your Father and Mother never got married, and you were born in this world, DON’T THINK YOU ARE A MISTAKE, YOU ARE NOT A MISTAKE. Your Mom and Dad might have made that mistake in the past, BUT YOU YOURSELF ARE NOT A MISTAKE.

God planned everything about you before He created you, and then He created You. You were fearfully and wonderfully made, with good future, God has a plan for your life. And God created you with a purpose on this earth. God doesn’t create anyone by His mistake, for God doesn’t make a mistake.

King David and Bathsheba the wife of Uriah were two adulterous people who got married, they made a big mistake, they hurt the heart of God, they sin against God, though later they repent before the Lord. This is the grace of God, out of these two adulterous people was born one of the Greatest King in History, King Solomon was born between these two people. Our Fathers and Mothers may made mistakes, but God never made mistakes when He created us.

This is the truth, if you are born in this world by any means, it might even be raped, a man raping a lady and you were born, it might be adultery, or by any other means of ways, human do make mistakes, but God never make mistakes, and if your Creator is God, You are not a mistake, for you are created by God.

You can read Psalm 139


When children grew up in a broken family, either without Father or without Mother, or without either of them, WE ARE NOT TO BLAME THE CHILDREN, and CHILDREN SHOULD NOT GAVE THE BLAME ON THEMSELVES for anything, it’s non of their fault.

It could be because of –
– Death happening, or either
– The decisions and bad choices made by the Father or Mother as an imperfect people,

Yes divorce is not good,

– Yet sometimes mother left home, or father left home, and sometimes you just can’t kept on chasing after run away wife or run away husband who don’t wanna come back anymore, you can’t chase after them forever…
– Or by the choices and decisions made by both of them,
– Or other reasons,

And then divorce happened.

Therefore we are not to blame their children, and being their children, not to gave blame to themselves is important, for it’s not the fault of the children.


Your Father or Mother, or either your Father and Mother might have died and passed away. Or you might have been abandoned, left, rejected, unwanted, by your Mom or Dad or even both of them.

Or either, You might have been thrown in a garbage by your Mom and Dad or by your Mom while you were a little baby, it could be because of any reason, poverty, fear of taking care of you, fear of being mocked by communities, fear of rejection, fear of losing their reputations, or might be any other kinds of reasons, and then some people picked you up, human do make mistakes, you might have a feelings of rejection, feelings of being unwanted, feelings of abandoned, etc… But God never rejected you, never abandoned you, He will never leave you, He loves you, accept you, Jesus sacrifice his life for you.

I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Matt 28:20
“I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deu 31:6

God has said,
“Never will I leave You,
Never will I forsake You”
Hebrews 13:5


Another type of Emotional healing is to forgive your Mom and Dad who might have made the mistakes, we are not to be judgmental to them, they are human beings like everyone else making some mistakes, though divorce is bad, adultery and many more are bad, and that might have made us suffer several things, we are not to have a judgmental mindsets against them of what mistakes they might have made, and that’s part of emotional healing. #Forgiveness


– David Chawngthu


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