Side effects of raped: God loves to heal You

Posted: March 18, 2014 in Emotional Healing

These are some few major problems which can happen with people who has been raped in the past. And these are not for judging them, these are for understanding them and for having more grace to them –

1. Anger problem
2. Frustration
3. Depression
4. Shame
5. Felling of inferiority complexion
6. Sex addiction
7. Feeling of Hopelessness
8. Not wanting to get married
9. Loss of virginity if they still a virgin or other physical problem
10. Mental and emotional problem
11. Judging men, and thought all men are the same
12. Judging God or anger at God
13. Easily fall into the trap of people who cares for them
14. Self harm, self injury, suicide,
15. Social Isolation
16. Drug addictions and other addictions
17. Flash back memory – as if they are taking place in the present moment.
18. Blaming self, as if it was their mistake
19. Wanting to prove ladies are not weaker, (there might be good ways as well wrong rebellion ways),
20. Judging husbands and being rebellion to husbands or even other authority figure, especially to husband,
21. Feeling Dirty
22. Feeling Uselessness
23. Not wanting to have sex with husbands after marriage, not able to fully trust husband, feeling of being used rather than being love.
24. Constant fear – fear of darkness, fear of being with other men,
25. Constant self defensiveness when being corrected or confronted,

God knows and understand every feelings, every hurts and every pains. And God is a Healer, and can heal them all with His love and care…

God’s presence, his love, and revelations, as we think on the things of God, they will cheer us up in the heart, and the Bible said in proverbs 17:22 – “A cheerful heart is a good medicine”…

As they constantly soak in His love and in God’s presence, receiving revelations, meditate/think on God’s words, Rest in Him, JUST BEING IN HIS PRESENCE WITH FREEDOM AND just being in His presence as we are, KNOWING THAT GOD LOVES US JUST THE WAY WE ARE, His presence will heal them, and at some point this is a process… But the kindness of God and the presence of God is a medicine for our soul, and God love to heal the broken hearted, and God loves to heal people..

Love to rest in the presence of God, either in your personal time with the Lord or in corporate worship times and soaking times, those are good medicines..

– David Chawngthu


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