LOGOS Word and RHEMA Word:

Posted: May 6, 2014 in Hearing God's Voice & The Prophetic, The Word of God, Meditation

(Both means “Words”)
Logos – The written word of God, the Bible
Rhema – The spoken word of God

Logos = written word, usually referring to revelation as found in the Old and New Testaments
Rhēma = spoken word, usually referring to additional revelation that extends beyond the written word of Scripture

Rhema word of God – A Bible verse or story jump up into your thought, and is highlighted in your thought. Sometimes God can take scripture out of context to speak to you, however we still need to know the overall meaning of the scripture, the context.

Rhema Word of God – The characters and natures of God, or “Who God is” is highlighted into your thought

Rhema Word of God – God can speak to you through anything, quotes of people, new revelations, however Rhema will not contradict the written word of God (the Logos), as well as the characters of God and WHO GOD IS. Rhema is said to be the true leading of the Holy Spirit.

Rhema is the word that God gives to your current situation and circumstances, is alive, quickening, specific word to you personally. Rhema might be for your personal life, family, for your church, ministry or for the Kingdom of God, which speaks for your current situations and circumstances, and what you should be doing.

Sometimes Rhema word –

– Tells us how much He loves us, or bringing comfort and healing into our lives through Bible stories or other scriptures and verses, and motivating us.
– Tells us how we must be living,
– Could be the Lord giving direction to us and what we must be doing.

When you were born again, and God speak to your heart about His love, and you received God’s love into your heart, you received the keys of Heaven, you unlock the Kingdom of Heaven on earth for yourself, that’s a Rhema word of the Lord you were receiving.

Examples of Rhema –

1. All things are possible – Mark 9:23
2. Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God – quote by William Carey
3. God’s love is unconditional
4. God will provide
5. Almighty God

You can wait on God to speak to you for your current situation or circumstances, personally, or for your work and ministry. YOU CAN WAIT ON GOD TO GIVE YOU SPECIFIC BIBLE VERSE OR WORDS for your current situation or circumstance to direct your path.



– David Chawngthu


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