Posted: May 6, 2014 in Hearing God's Voice & The Prophetic

Soaking in the Spirit is like soaking our clothes all wet in waters.

You can lay on your bed, or you sit on your sofa, just close your eyes or with open eyes, that didn’t matter, and feel the presence of God. GOD’S RIGHT THERE! Rest in Him, rest in His presence.

Don’t be hurry, sometimes you can do them for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 or 2 hours or more, and just feel the presence of God, that’s called SOAKING IN THE SPIRIT. It will refresh you, strengthened you, gives you life, heal you, comfort you, lift you up, gives you joy, draw you close to Him, feel God closer, a better and closer relationship with Himself.

When we Soak in the Spirit, it is good that we keep away every distractions, close doors and put away everything that can distract us. Being in peace like a child, rest in God like an innocent child, and have all the freedom like a child to His Daddy. Sleep on floor, sit on floor, on bed or couch and JUST BEING IN HIS PRESENCE. EVEN REST PHYSICALLY AND WITH FULL REST FEELING HIS PRESENCE – God being with us, His love, His Goodness, and that God Immanuel is with us and So close to us.

Sometimes you can play some songs about His love, His care, What He has done, or about His Goodness, just sit or sleep/ lay and feel His presence.

Sometimes you need to take rest from your works, leave all your works, businesses, burn outs, problem solvings, dealing with people, tiredness, and your daily works, and come before God, take time in His presence, rest in His presence and Soak in the Spirit in His presence and get new strength, new life, rest and a new and deeper relationship with Himself.


– David Chawngthu

If you want to SOAK IN THE SPIRIT, this is one of a good song that will draw you closer and deeper in God, “INTIMACY” by Jonathan David Helser


These hands you made to hold yours, my love
These feet you shaped to walk with you in our garden
These eyes you placed to gaze upon your face
These lips you formed to kiss my beloved

I was made, I was made for intimacy (Chorus)

These ears you made to hear your rhythm of love
This voice you placed to sing songs of grace
This hair you wove, you numbered every strand
This gaze you love, it captures you with a glance

Intimacy is what I need, intimacy is calling me


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