40 Truths about Apostles and Apostolic:

Posted: January 11, 2015 in Advancing The Kingdom, Foundation on Apostle/ Apostolic

These 40 truths about Apostles and the Apostolic are written so that it may be helpful for the Body of Christ and the Kingdom of God at large world wide. And so that it may be a helpful tool in the reformation of the “Apostolic” and the Advancement of the “Apostolic studies”, a helpful tool to recognize the true Apostles, and as well that it may be a helpful tool to know and understand what an Apostle and Apostolic is –

1. Apostles portrait the Lion of Judah,

2. Apostles are God’s Generals in the Kingdom of God,

3. Apostles have Governmental anointing and abilities,

4. The Apostolic anointing releases Spiritual boldness and courage, as it portrait the Lion of the Tribe of Judah,

5. Apostles are sent by God: Missionaries are sent, but not every missionaries are apostles, at the same time there could be some apostles who are sent as missionaries. Sending missionaries itself is an apostolic work.

6. Apostles have vision for the Kingdom of God,

7. Apostles are Ambassadors of Christ,

8. Apostles are pioneers, they are frontline Warriors, they are in the frontline in battle,

9. Apostles are appointed and assigned by God,

10. Apostles are the first to preach new truths in a region,

11. Apostles are innovative, always being ready to try new things,

12. Apostles are the first to move in a region with the Kingdom,

13. Apostles lay foundations “Rock of Revelations”, they are wise master builder by divine wisdom and revelations.

14. Apostles are big picture,

15. Apostles put things in order by divine wisdom, discernment and revelations,

16. Apostles are number 1 target of the enemy (Satan), they are hated by demons and Satan,

17. Apostles are persecuted (1Cor 4:9): From the times of Jesus earthly ministries, Religious spirit, Legalistic and Traditionalism were one of the Greatest enemies to true Apostolic Ministries. From many verses in the Bible, many religious leaders were one of the greatest opposers to them. There could be many different reasons apostles and apostolic ministries are persecuted, envy and jealousy, being misunderstood, when they see signs, wonders and miracles, and some other reasons.

18. Apostles have the grace of perseverance and endurance, and releases the grace of perseverance and endurance, (1Cor 4:12)

19. Favor of God: No matter how much Satan stirs up persecutions and mistreatments against God’s Apostles, knocked out from home, beaten up, lied against, nailed on the cross, no matter how many tactics the Devil used against true apostles, the favor of God is always with them.

20. Apostles are people of faith: (Many apostles around the world will even work signs, wonders and miracles as part of their ministry or seen signs wonders and miracles several times in their works for God, or even have big visions). (2Cor 12:12)

21. Apostles doesn’t like to be a burden to others (2Cor 11:9; 1Cor 4:12)

22. Apostles have a servant-hood, and they are servants of God.

23. Apostles impart Spiritual gifts (Romans 1:11)

24. True Apostles will always be ready to leave their positional authorities, even leadership positions, if it’s for the purpose to Advance the Kingdom of God. Advancing the Kingdom of God is more important to them than having good positional authorities.

Acts 13:2-4 The Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them”….. The two of them, sent on their way by the Holy Spirit, went down to Seleucia and sailed from there to Cyprus.

25. Apostles are the Highest rank in the Kingdom of God to push back the gates of hell and Advance the Kingdom of God, (authorized representative of Christ assigned by God),

26. Apostles have Godly jealousy for the people of God, their joy is to see them walking in the truth. (2 Cor 11:2; 3 John 1:4)

27. Apostles have reverential fear of the Lord, (#HisLordship, Every knee should bow Phil 2:10).

28. Apostles open doors for the Prophets and the prophetic,

29. Apostles usually have these 3 gifts – Gift of wisdom, leadership and gift of faith,

30. Apostles oversee churches or ministries: (even though there might be very few true Apostles among the overseer of churches and ministries)

Anyone can oversee a church, anyone can be appointed as an overseer by anyone. A person can be appointed as an overseer of over 1000 churches or centers, without the main focus on the Advancement of the Kingdom it loses it’s Apostolic. That could only make him overseer, organizer or manager.

We need to go from only having overseer’s mentality, organizer’s mentality or manager’s mentality into a much Higher level of warfare, into the Apostolic mentality, the Advancement of the Kingdom of God.

An overseer may not be an Apostle, but he can learn to start shifting into the Apostolic and start making a move. From the organizers only mentality, overseer’s only mentality, management only mentality to the Greater Warfare, the Advancement of the Kingdom.

31. Apostles plant new churches or start new ministries and new works for God:

Anyone can plant church, an evangelist, pastors, missionaries, or anyone can plant a church according to the situation, and anyone can start new ministries or new works for God. Those too are apostolic works, but doesn’t validate that a person is an Apostle.

By chance things can happen in those ways around the world. But the purpose and heart of Advancing the Kingdom is what makes an Apostle, expansion, moving forward, advancement, they are what makes an Apostle.

32. Apostles Advance the Kingdom of God, there is no Apostolic without the Advancement of the Kingdom.

33. Apostles can be in touch with all the other 5 fold ministries.

34. Apostles are fathers/ mothers, not just instructor: (Abraham was a father to the nations, and a father of faith)

35. Apostolic Ministries reach widely, reaching either nations, nation, cities, regions, towns or villages, (Luke 4:43)

36. The Apostolic starts at the Resurrection:

“The Spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead lives inside of you” (Romans 8:11)

After His resurrection, Jesus said to His disciples, “All Authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me”. (Matt 28:18)

God raised him from the dead, freeing him from the agony of death, because it was impossible for death to keep its hold on him. (Acts 2:24)

37. Apostles have a Global perspective
– Go into all the world (Mark 16:15)
– Go and make disciples of all nations (Matt 28:19)

38. Apostles have a Kingdom perspective (Mark 16:15; Matt 28:19)

39. The Apostolic work is to bring heaven on earth, bringing transformation on this earth with the Kingdom of God, ( Matt 6:10 – “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”).

40. Apostles value the Lordship of Christ,


All Apostles –

– Have visions for the Kingdom of God,
– Advance the Kingdom of God,
– Are people of faith

Many Apostles –

– Many Apostles work signs, wonders and miracles as one of their main ministry or have seen signs, wonders and miracles several times in their works for God.
– Many Apostles plant new churches or start new ministries for the Kingdom of God.

Note: The Apostolic is first and Foremost about pioneering, about Advancing the Kingdom of God, there is no Apostolic without the Advancment of the Kingdom, and there is no Apostolic without faith.

– David Chawngthu


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