A Pioneering culture “America”:

Posted: January 11, 2015 in Advancing The Kingdom, Foundation on Apostle/ Apostolic

Americans has always got one of a pioneering culture in this world, from the starting and founding of America, people from all over the world gather together, they were people who love to discover new things, explore new lands, who love to discover new lands, who love to blaze a trail for others (trailblazers), they were people who love pioneerings. They were bold, courageous, tough, persevering, risk takers, going through forests and deserts, going through new lands into the unknown.

They were leaving their homeland, towns, their own cultures, leaving their stable and comfort zones. They were people of freedom, people who love freedom to act and try new things. All those type of people from around the world came together into this unknown land, thick forests and deserts. They build a country, which became one of the greatest and biggest country in the world.

Till today, this country seems to got a lot of freedom to act, discovering new things Spiritually and naturally, taking actions, risk, and trying new things. All these characters are truly Apostolic. One of them was the discovery of “Airplane”. We remember the Wright Brothers, the inventors, founders and discoverers of Airplane, they were bold, love freedom to act, risk taking, persevering, trying new things and discovering new things.

The American dollar says, “In God we trust”. It’s a money that proclaim His Lordship. It might be the only one in the world. There is power in proclamation of God’s word, there is power in proclaiming His Lordship.

Two famous quote: “GOD BLESS AMERICA”, “IN GOD WE TRUST”.


– David Chawngthu


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