What’s a pioneering?

Posted: January 11, 2015 in Advancing The Kingdom, Foundation on Apostle/ Apostolic


1. Pioneers are the first that pave the way,
2. Pioneers plow and dig the hardest soils,
3. Pioneers move ahead before others,
4. Pioneers make the gates of hell pushed back, and make the Kingdom of God move forward,
5. Pioneering is a warfare, fighting the giants Goliath in the land.
6. Pioneering is the Greatest way to advance the Kingdom,
7. Pioneers are persecuted,
8. Pioneers are often misunderstood,
9. Pioneers change the minds of people,
10. Pioneers are tough,
11. Pioneers are remembered in a long history,
12. Pioneers make room for others to follow,
13. Pioneers are hard workers in their own field/work, (In an illustrative way, “Pioneers got no time to sleep”).
14. Pioneers are people of faith,
15. Pioneering involve lots of risk taking, stepping into the unknown,
16. Pioneers expand the Kingdom of God,
17. Pioneers are frontline warriors, they are in the frontline in battle,

Pioneers, don’t give up. You’ve done a good job !! God Bless You!

– David Chawngthu



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