Top 10 Hearing God experiences – David Chawngthu

Posted: January 18, 2015 in Hearing God's Voice, Hearing God's Voice & The Prophetic

As for my personal communications with the Lord, I must have listened and heard the voice of the Lord countless of times, might even be 100’s or 1000’s of different times. But these experiences am writing are some of my favorite experiences in Hearing His Voice.

As Bill Johnson said, “Prophets do not replace my need to hear from God for myself. My need to hear from God for myself does not replace my need of the prophets”. – Bill Johnson

Jesus said, “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. (John 10:27)

1. Vision – mental videos:

“You Dare touch my son” – Jesus Christ

One season of my life, I don’t feel good about life, I could not know what’s the reason, ministries works well, and everythings seems good, but could not know the reason why i just don’t feel good.

So, I was asking for a man of God to give me a counselling, even though he don’t call himself a Prophet, but most countries around the world would probably called him a true Prophet of God and accurate. He is from America and he used to be one of our speaker in Discipleship Training School.

So, one day as I was asking for prophetic counselling and with one of our leader they gave me counselling, they lead me to see the invisible world.

I saw a vision of my childhood which was from a true incident.

When I was a small kid my Dad was drunk, and he tried to hit me with a sword, i ran and hid myself in my Auntie’s room. In that vision, I saw Jesus standing at the door, raising his two hands, and blocked the door, my Dad could not come in, and I heard Jesus said to my own Dad, “You dare touch my son”.

I have heard countless of God’s voice, but this is the voice I have ever heard Jesus speaking so strong and so stern “You dare touch my son”.

And I saw that my Dad could not come into my Auntie’s room.

2. It was 2006, we were in Discipleship Training School, in South India, Hyderabad. God spoke to me while i was having my personal time with Him, to give our money to one of our friend, so we gave almost all we’ve got, we’ve got nothing left in the end.

It was amazing that he was really in need of finances, and was praying for that whole night asking God for money.

3. Still small voice that direct our path: It was 2006, my wife and I want to go to Discipleship Training School in “YWAM” (University of the Nations). They got countless of locations in India alone, in Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Shillong, Dimapur, Bangalore, Siliguri, and many more. So we decided to ask God which place to go.

So Jenny and I went to different corners of our room to ask God which place would we go. I went to another corner to hear from God, Jenny went to another corner of the room to hear from God. Later we meet together to share what we felt God telling us, we both got the same thing, we both got Hyderabad. So we did our Discipleship Training School as well as Biblical Core Course in YWAM Hyderabad Base.

4. Seeing Angels in dreams, seeing Angels with physical eyes: It was the beginning of 2008, I was in a season of great discouragement, and i said to myself, “Even if I am appointed to preach in the church, i will not preach”.
Then one night, it was saturday night, 2 Angels of the Lord appeared to me in a dream, which i also saw them with my own physical eyes when I woke up. They told me in my dream (one speaking in tongues and the other interpreting the tongues), “You’re appointed to preach next sunday service, you must preach”.

So, in the morning when we went to church they announced that the next sunday was my preaching.

As the angels of the Lord told me, “I’v got to preach the next sunday”.

5. Strong felt of Angels: It was 2010, I felt the Angels of the Lord so many times, they used to bring healing to my emotional wounds, sometimes I felt a strong sense of healing and communicate to me about the love of God and the Father heart of God. Sometimes they worship the Lord as I bring worship to God.

6. It was 2008, it was my preaching time in the church, while I was preparing for my preaching at home, the Lord spoke to me, “Put on bandana while you preach”, it was like a prophetic acts.

So I did as the Lord told me. Then what’s more amazing was that, the time I put on that bandana, the Glory of the Lord fall over me that I could not stand properly, and I fall down to the ground while I preached.

And what’s more amazing is that, the next following days, signs, wonders and miracles followed at home and church.

7. Jesus said to me, “You are free to choose anyone”.

Since Dec 2013, my wife left me for over a year, and we were separated for over a year. It started with his Dad banging our home doors so bad and screaming at me with bad words from outside home, for all neighbors to hear. So that’s how separation started happening. Even if i tried to pick them up (my kids and wife) in her parents home by my wife Jenny’s decision, her Dad would pushed me physically in their quarter, sometimes they would grabbed me in my hands, for nothing I did wrong to them, other times they would pushed me out of their quarter door. Thanks to Jesus, we are pioneers in many things.

So, I asked and inquire the Lord about it to solve the problem.

The Lord spoke to me, “You are free to choose anyone”. The Lord also gave me several revelations regarding separations.

Yet if the unbelieving one leaves, let him leave; the brother or the sister is not under bondage in such cases, but God has called us to peace. (1 Corinthians 7:15)

One of the revelation from the Lord was that, if it’s wrong for unbelievers to leave, split apart or separate, how much more is it wrong for believers to leave, split apart or bring separations. Whether the person who left is a believer or unbeliever, the person who is left by his/her mate is free from bondage and is free to have another husband or wife (1Cor 7:15).

Anyway, she has come home knowing that she did wrong and that leaving mate is sinful, we’ve got to get back together into a good marriage life again. She was convinced by the word of Jesus, “What God has joined together let no one split apart, let no one separate, let no one make them stay apart from each others”. Since a marriage life is to stick closer to one another than anyone else.

8. It was 2009, I was in the bathroom in Siliguri, North Bengal India, the Lord spoke to me, “You will preach into the nations, the nations will be shaken, you will tear off the curtain, people will worship in spirit and in Truth”.

9. It was 2008, the Lord showed me a global map in a vision, more like a mental picture, and I heard the Lord saying, “Through internet you will reach the nations”, which I told two people about this.

Now, unexpectedly we have served the Lord and the nations through internet. We never asked God that we would serve through internet, and now reaching over 100 nations of the earth as I heard the Lord spoke to me in 2008.

10. Tongues and Interpretations:

One day I was speaking in tongues, and then I interpreted by faith. The Interpretation was about purpose, the purpose of Advancing the Kingdom of God. Therefore, the purpose “Advancing the Kingdom of God” was received through tongues and interpretations.

– David Chawngthu


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