42 Biker Churches around the world:

Posted: February 21, 2015 in Advancing The Kingdom, The Love of Jesus Christ

Seems like God is in a Bikers Movement around the world. These are 42 Biker Churches we can find around the World through net, just for information. It seems like God is really working among the Bikers around the world. The gates of hell shall not prevail against it –

1. Biker Church Melbourne
2. Full Armor Biker Church,
3. Biker Church Huntsville,
4. Freedom Biker Church of Hickory,
5. Brotherhood Biker Church,
6. Freedom Biker Church – First State
7. Biker Church
8. Redeemed Biker Church,
9. Open Road Biker Church,
10. The Biker Church,
11. Biker Church of Marvel,
12. Victory Biker Church,
13. Freedom Biker Church of Oklahoma, Inc.
14. Clarkville Biker church,
15. Capital City Biker’s Church
16. Bikers Church Midrad
17. Freedom Biker Church Fayettville,
18. Biker Church USA Columbia
19. Freedom Biker Church Home Office,
20. Broken Chains Biker Church,
21. Freedom Biker Church Lousiana,
22. Heaven’s Highway Biker Church,
23. Freedom Biker Church Asheville NC,
24. Crosspointe Biker Church,
25. Rushing Wind Biker Church – Zanesville, OH
26. Solid Rock Biker Church,
27. Trinity Biker Church,
28. Full Throttle Biker Church CT,
29. The Open Door Biker Church,
30. Refuge Biker Church,
31. Bare Bones Biker Church,
32. Biker/ Hot Rod Church Lubbock,
33. Common Ground Biker Church,
34. Son Rise Biker Church of Taylor, Tx.
35. Bluffs Biker Church,
36. Thunder Road Biker Church,
37. Freedom Biker Church Skull Rod,
38. Full Throttle Biker Church AZ
39. The Gathering Biker Church,
40. Freedom Biker Church Aiken,
41. Biker Cell church,
42. Rushing Wind Biker Church of North Mississippi.

– KNet

At first, it was thought that salvation was for only the Jews, but then God revealed to Peter, one of the disciple of Jesus Christ, that it was for both the Jews and the Gentiles, for all tribes, all kinds of tongues, for all people, for all nation.

Generations after generations, at this age, God has revealed to His people that salvation is for the gangs, the Bikers, the emos, and all types of people, for God love all types of people and everyone.

The truth is that Jesus Christ loves everyone, accept everyone, and welcome everyone, no matter who they are.

No matter how many are your sins, God wants to forgive all your sins, Jesus Christ shed his blood on the cross, for He has paid every price on the cross for you.

You are included, Jesus loves you.

– David Chawngthu
– KNet
  1. Please add us to your list we have been in Colorado Springs since 2008.
    It is exciting to watch Bikers Churches pop up everywhere. God meets us where we are at. We exist for those people that are seeking like minded people that love Christ. Or are seeking a new Hope for their life.

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