Teacher’s Career vs Calling

Posted: April 29, 2015 in Teachers

People with career as a “Teacher in School” work to make their own living, while people who are called as a “Teacher in School” are compelled by love, kindness, compassion, patient, care, understanding, concernment, and to serve them, for the Lord put a great Love for Children in their heart.

People with career choose their job or works, while people with calling live their God given purposes.

You will find countless of people around the world who are called among children, to serve the children, they not only work for salaries, income, and money, many of them will not even get salary, and many of them will even leave their comfort zones to serve these children in need. They will even leave their comfort zones, homes, cultural foods, sacrifice their things and many more, just to help children emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically and even materially, compelled by love.

And that is one of the true characteristic and nature of a teacher called to children, they are compelled by Love to serve them.

If you are called among children you will know, God will put a passion, compassion, a heart, understanding, and a love for Children.

We may not be called to the children:

Just as all who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ are called to have the heart for the lost souls, not just the evangelists, we may not be called to the children yet working with children, we may be working only for salary or our income in schools, but we all can learn to have this Father heart of God for children, and all are called to have the Father heart of God both in homes and schools, especially in schools.

The measurement of our experiences in the Father Heart of God will most times reveal the way we value children, young people, and others.

Some examples of people called to Children:

There’s a person that I know in India, she was from America, she left all her comfort zones to serve the Children in India, and in a little remote place.

One more example we can give is Heidi Baker, one of her calling is among Children, she is a Missionary in Mozambique at present. When Children died, she will hug them with love and compassion, the dead children would come back to life, the dead would be raised again.


Those are some of the characteristics of those who are called among children, they usually are sacrificial to the needs of children, and got great compassion and love for them.

The Father Heart of God is the key to take care of Children and young people.

– David Chawngthu
– KNet


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