God wants to speak to you regarding your children – David Chawngthu

Posted: July 9, 2015 in Hearing God's Voice

God wants to get involve in many areas of our lives, even in what we think are simple things. Sometimes it’s just that we don’t recognize it.

Two Experiences of Hearing God’s voice for example, from the month of April 2015 –

1. After we’ve got a new baby this month, our 2nd son Rock stayed with his Grand parents and his aunty for a while, after 2 days I don’t feel good, I felt like we need to get him back now, it’s time to get him back for he is only 3yrs old.

So we took him back, that was the Holy Spirit speaking to us that it’s time to get our son Rock back at home.
It was okay for 1 or 2 days, but for more than than we don’t feel good. That was simply God’s voice.

2. Several times our son Rock wants to play games with me, want to watch movie with me, wants me to get interested in what he is interested even while we were busy, So I felt like he need more of my attention as a child, that was simply God speaking to me.

Even though we are not to go by our feelings, many times God will speak to us through our feelings and thoughts.

After feeding back these Hearing God experiences, this verse came to my thought – Ephe 6:4 “Fathers (mothers, guardians), do not anger your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction that comes from the Lord.”

– David Chawngthu



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