Dealing with late obedient:

Posted: July 10, 2015 in Family/ kids and environments

When you tell your children to do something that they can easily do, for example – Telling them to switch off their computer, calling them to come for dinner, or other things that are easy to do, if they don’t do it at once, we need to be aware that it’s not a rebellion heart, for late obedient is disobedient.

However, before we scold them for any reason, it is important to remind ourself to listen to them and know the reason for obeying late.

Sometimes the reason they are late could be because they got some problem, other times it could be because it cannot be done at once while they want to do it at once. And another times it could be because of a rebellion heart, still it’s important that we listen to them first, if the reason is not worth the excuse, then it could be a rebellion heart.

Children and young people need understanding, there are times they will need our understanding, at the same time that they don’t get rebellion.

And overall, it’s important and good to be friends with them, the most important thing in a family is the environment of Love.

Children and young people are the treasures of this generation and the next generations, the way we treat them will determine the next generations.

We need to be careful not to harden the hearts of our children and young people, without using harsh words and harsh voice, speaking to them with all gentleness and kindness.

– David Chawngthu


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