Children Abuse: ‪#WordsOfWisdom‬

Posted: August 19, 2015 in Blueprints of Heaven, Emotional Healing, Family/ kids and environments

Children and young people have a soft heart, they are in the process of developing their hearts and emotions, any kinds of punishment done in public is abuse, whether beating, slapping, kneeling down, letting them stand, or any other kinds of punishment, they all are abuse.

1. Any kinds of punishment done in public is abuse, 100% of their problems are to be dealt privately and hiddenly. Abuses are the roots of all kinds of addictions, rebellions, and heart problems. Teachers in Schools do not have any rights before the Lord to punish their children in any form of ways, God has not given them any single authority to punish children.

2. Any kinds of shaming children and young people either before others, in public, or in private is abuse.

3. We are not to react out of angry heart, you need to make sure that your heart is at full rest and with love for the child. When you want to give punishment, that is the indicator of your own heart problem and your anger problem.

4. We are to confront them in private when they need confrontations and corrections, with all kindness and gentleness, without being harsh.

5. If it’s something serious, consult a good counsellor, or bring him to a good counsellor privately who is understanding.

children abuse

– David Chawngthu


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