3 Levels of Spiritual Warfare:

Posted: September 4, 2015 in Advancing The Kingdom, Foundation on Apostle/ Apostolic, Foundation on Spiritual Warfare

This is important to know for all believers that there are different levels of Spiritual Warfare. We might be able to put them in 3 or 4 levels of Spiritual Warfare. Right now we are putting them in 3 levels of Spiritual Warfare, so that we would know that there are different levels in Spiritual Warfare.

1. Personal Level Warfare: This is about our personal warfare personally. It could be sickness, sex problem, sin, greed, pride.

2. Corporate Level Warfare: In corporate level of Warfare there are leaders, rulers, and people in Authority.
For examples – Fathers and mothers in a family, School principal and teachers, Pastors of a church, Organizational leaders, ministry leaders, and other leaders, rulers and Authorities.

– Father and mother abusing their children (not in a whole region)
– School principal and teachers abusing their students in school (not in a whole region of schools)
– Father and mother who think they still got their God given Authorities to their married children (not in a whole region)
– Many students getting rebellion in a school.
– Sicknesses spreading in a school or church.
– Providing for the neighborhood in need.
– Greed spreading in a church or in a denomination.

3. Regional Level Warfare: This has the greatest influence. It touches a whole region and generations, beyond churches, beyond organization, and beyond local communities.

– When the whole region is filled with cheating one another and greed,
– When families in a region are likely to have at least 1 drug addicts in their family,
– Some cultural systems where step parents thought they got Authority over their step children’s inheritances (Pro 23:10).
– School principals and teachers abusing their students in school (In the whole region of schools),
– Some cultural systems where fathers and mothers who think they still got their God given Authorities over their married children,
– When miraculous healings are happening greatly and shake the whole region or state,
– When Advancing the Kingdom work shake the whole region with the Kingdom,
– When your vision is to reach out many lost souls in your region, or working to save 1 million souls,
– Bikers reaching out bikers to bring transformation among Bikers in a region or country,
– A ministry that has a vision to reach out to all the 100’s and 1000’s of street kids in their region,

In this level of Warfare, you advance the Kingdom of God and wage a war for the whole region or country. When you Advance and wage war for a whole region, your Warfare will increase. You will be the target of the demonic enemies attack for waging a huge war against the Kingdom of darkness.

God will usually use His Apostles and Apostolic teams to advance His Kingdom in this level of Warfare. Even in the darkest places of this earth and even in communist countries, where God sent them, the Kingdom of God are still Advancing. It is important for the people of God to stand with them in prayers.

For another example for this level of Warfare, we would use TNT (Thutak Nunpuitu team) in Mizoram India, we can translate their ministry name as “Living the Truth Team”. Today their ministry is serving over 1000 fatherless and motherless, addicts, and the disables by faith and the generous gifts of people. They are providing foods, shelters and schools.

If their ministry had not been established, the state of Mizoram in India and Aizawl City would be filled with beggars and homeless unlike today.

This level of Warfare is the Advancement of the Kingdom of God, and this is the greatest level of Warfare and the highest level of Warfare in the Kingdom of God. Spiritual Warfare, demonic attacks and persecutions will greatly increase; Demonic attacks and Spiritual Warfare will come from regional, that can greatly increase your corporate Spiritual Warfare and even your personal Warfare, at the same time the Kingdom of God Advanced.

– David Chawngthu

Spiritual Warfare 3 levels


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