Spiritual Warfare – “Persecutions” (God is Good) – By David Chawngthu

Posted: September 4, 2015 in Foundation on Apostle/ Apostolic, Foundation on Spiritual Warfare

It was around 2011, while one of our son was 4yrs old, he was having a high fever and was crying one evening, so I’ve got lots of compassion to see him cry. I prayed for him in Jesus name, 4 or 5 people were there in that place while I was praying for him. After prayer he got up and said, “Daddy prayed for me, and Jesus healed me”, and fever was gone at once and he was healed at once in Jesus Name.

Just 1 or 2 minutes later, while we were glad to see the healing miracles in Jesus name, a woman around 65yrs old came in front of me, with full of anger, and with outburst anger she shout at me, trying to make arguments with me, I only stayed calm at that moment, and my Grand Dad spoke out defending me.

Another time I was even slapped and scolded in public by another woman before many people, when I was about to pray for the sick, even at that time I only stayed calmly.

Another incident was in 2007, my family were living in South India as a missionary. One evening I was roaming around the street and high ways looking for the hungry street people and beggars to feed some foods, even though India is known for democratic country (freedom of religion), a large group of one religion gathered together and were approaching me with sticks, they ordered me to get away, they chased me, so I ran quickly and hid myself.

There can be many more stories we can write regarding persecutions, let this be enough for the moment.

There are times we will face many different types of persecutions in different places, sometimes because of healing miracles, other times because of miracles, signs and wonders, other times for preaching the Gospel to the lost souls, another times for feeding the hungry poor and beggars, another times for hearing the Voice of the Lord, and another times for preaching revelational truths of the Kingdom. When we serve the Lord and do them in His name, the Devil is always ready to fight us, and it is important to know that all these are Spiritual Warfare done to us by the Devil, the demonic forces of hell.

No matter what type of persecutions we might be facing for serving our Lord and doing them in His Name, it is important to know that “God is Good”.

– David Chawngthu


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