8 Signs of Witchcraft spirit

Posted: September 11, 2015 in Foundation on Spiritual Warfare, Leadership

When reading the word “Witchcraft spirit”, we may be curious or attrack our attentions, but when it comes to practical, it is easy for many of us to neglect them, so it is important to put them into practise.

Spiritual Warfare witchcraft spirit

As a believers of Christ, whether we want it or not, we are constantly in battle, we all are in warfare, therefore it is important to know our enemies. This time we will be writing about the signs of a witchcraft spirit, the works of a witchcraft spirit.

Some signs and works of a witchcraft spirit –

1. Slavery and mistreatments are part of witchcraft spirit, Abraham Lincoln did a great job on this while he was on this earth.

2. When fathers and mothers control and lock up their children in a bathroom or toilet, or even in a room, this is a witchcraft spirit.

3. When teachers in schools tried to control their children by punishments and abuses, this is unGodly Authority and is a witchcraft spirit.

4. When you receive a prophetic word, and try to control others with that prophetic words and by force, we need to be aware of the witchcraft spirit. At the same time, the Lord may told you to cause the future, or told you to confront, or you believe you need to confront someone. Eg. The Lord told Nathan to confront David, the Lord told Samuel to confront Saul. The Lord may also told you to act to the prophetic words, those type are not what we are saying.

5. Acting rebelliously to the voice of the Lord, especially when God give divine commands, or simply acting rebellion to God’s voice. Eg – Saul was rebellion to the voice of the Lord, to the command the Lord gave him, Samuel said to him, “Rebellion spirit is the same as the spirit of divination”, which is the spirit of witchcraft.
Therefore, rebellion to the voice of the Lord especially when the Lord divinely command us to do something is a spirit of witchcraft.

6. When fathers, mothers, guardians or anyone else thought that they still got their God given authority upon their married children.

7. When elders, fathers, mothers, teachers, pastors, teachers, guardians tried to control the future destiny of their children. Eg – While God has a plan for them to be a business man, trying to make them a Pastor. Or, while God has a plan for them to be a school teacher, forcing them to become a Pastor, or forcing your children what educational lines they must be taking, they all are witchcraft spirit.

We can suggest them but not force them, they need to go their own hearts desire and how they believe God has called them.

8. Any type of controlling others abusively is already a witchcraft spirit. For example – Kidnapping, rape, forcing your childing to marry someone you like not what they like, abusive disciple – abusing in the name of a discipline.

Even Pastors and servants of God do not have any authority to abusively control, if they do, that is a witchcraft spirit.

One of the main works of a witchcraft spirit is controlling, controlling others unnecessarily, or abusively, even their personal life, especially adults, without the Holy Spirit and without the blueprint of heaven, we need to be aware of this witchcraft spirit in this situation.

– David Chawngthu


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