Hearing God: Interpretations from the Lord

Posted: September 15, 2015 in Hearing God's Voice, Hearing God's Voice & The Prophetic

One of the main purpose of this writing is that we must be careful not to explain our prophetic words, hearing God, prophetic pictures, prophetic night dreams and visions by our own self without interpretations and revelations from the Lord, whether they are for others or for ourselves.

Everyone can hear God:

One of the main responsibilities of the Prophets are to communicate what God is saying, as well as that the people of God may hear and see for themselves, besides that the Prophetic carry many different blessings. Even though we are not to depend on Prophets, it is still utmost important to know the importance of the prophetic. One of the indication is that, if the people of our church do not hear God for themselves, it could probably mean that we do not have Prophet in our church.

Even though we are not to depend on Prophets, Churches, regions, nation, and nations greatly need Prophets in different parts of the world, so that there would be prophetic utterances being released, and the people of God would hear and see the things of the Spirit, and that everyone would hear God for themselves.

Receive Interpretations and Revelations:

It is important for prophetic people and anyone to know that when we receive prophetic words, prophetic pictures, have prophetic dreams at night, hear God’s voice, that we don’t try to explain them unless we receive interpretations or revelations, but we can ask God to give us interpretations and revelations, so that we can receive the words what God want to say to us. This is because what God mean may not be what we understand. Sometimes Hearing God’s voice comes in a simple way that everyone will understand, but there are times we need to interpret.

For example: When God told me in 2006, “You are my Warrior”, it was inspiring, powerful, uplifting, strengthening, but did not receive further interpretation or revelation about Warrior.

We may all know about “Prayer Warrior”, someone who intercede on behalf of others, if I tried to explain what God spoke to me, I might explain it that way, but it was not what God meant to me, I am not suppose to explain on my own. What God meant to me by saying, “You are my Warrior” was that of “Apostolic Warrior”, someone who Advance the Kingdom of God.

Many times the Lord will give interpretations or revelations at once, other times we might need to ask God for interpretations or revelations when we hear His voice.

Another simple example – One day when my wife and I were hearing God’s voice, it was around 2009 or 2010, God gave us a picture – There were two woods, the taller wood was supported by the smaller wood, and then the Lord gave us interpretation about this prophetic picture, the taller wood was me (David), and the smaller wood was my wife Jenny, by which the Lord mean that my wife Jenny was a good supporter to me in our works (in our ministry, in our works for the Lord). Which was encouraging, uplifting, and a joy.

One more example – One day I was speaking in tongues in our room, and then Interpret, the interpretation was that Advancing the Kingdom of God was my purpose in life, even though I always have a desire and heart to Advance the Kingdom of God, I never knew that it was my purpose in life, and today it even became the purpose of our ministry, which is also the purpose of God for this earth, since Apostles carry the purposes of God for this earth.

Therefore, Interpretations of prophetic words, prophetic pictures, prophetic dreams, and the voice of the Lord are important, they help us see what God is saying to us. Sometimes the Lord may reveal the meaning of the prophetic word to the one you gave if you got a prophetic word for someone but not to you, they may share to you again later or even cry out. And many times when we receive prophetic dreams, visions, pictures, or hear God for our own self, the Lord may give us interpretations at once when we hear His voice, other times we might need to ask the Lord for interpretations or revelations, many times God will also speak to us so simple that everyone can understand at once, that even children can easily understand what God mean.

– David Chawngthu


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