How to do Prophetic Counselling?

Posted: September 18, 2015 in Family/ kids and environments, Hearing God's Voice & The Prophetic

This comes from my personal experiences in prophetic counsellings and experiencing God, prophetic counsellings are powerful.

Here are some steps to take –

1. Make sure you are in a quiet place to hear from God without distractions,

2. Let the person share to you all his wounds and hurts he could remember,

3. Now, ask the Lord to reveal where is the root of the pain, the root of the hurt or wounds, just be quiet and let him listen to the Lord without hurry. It usually are from the times of childhood even though there is no quarantee for that, some are even while they were in their mother’s womb, other could be being raped at adulthood, they still are painful, but childhood wounds could have more side effects, pains and wounds. It could be his father, mother, or others severely abusing him during his childhood, cruel abuses, or someone tried to kill him, thrown in a garbage during his childhood, abandoned by father or mother at childhood, or was captured in modern slavery (human trafficking).

Sometimes the one who abuses you, harm you, or abandoned you could be the one you loved most, it could be your own father, mother, brothers, or sisters, even for me it was my own father that I love most that the Lord revealed to me, trying to hit me with a sword, and I cried.

Therefore you need to be fully open to what the Lord has to reveal to you. And do not be hurry, it can sometimes take time.

Two experiences:

1. One seanson of my life, I didn’t feel good about life, so I asked for a prophetic counselling to a friend of mine, a speaker, teacher, and a highly prophetic person. As he led to me to a prophetic counselling, I saw my childhood in a vision, I was a small kid and my Dad was drunk, and he tried to hit me with a sword, i ran and hid myself in my Auntie’s room. In that vision, I saw Jesus standing at the door, raising his two hands, and blocked the door, my Dad could not come in, and I heard Jesus said to my own Dad, “You dare touch my son”. That was a great experience for me, I have never experience those type of prophetic counselling before.

2. And then one day a person who got a severe childhood problem came to me for a counselling, I gave that person a prophetic counselling which I have experienced and learned, about 10 to 15 minutes later that person met Jesus Christ in a vision and was completely relieved and healed by the love of Christ from that vision.

When the Lord has revealed the root cause through prophetic pictures (mental pictures) of childhood and incidents that happened, they will feel the anger, fear, shame, frustrations, hatred from deep within them which they didn’t recognize before. It could be that his father and mother tried to do abortion while he was in the womb, God can reveal anything to him.

Where was Jesus?

Now after the Lord revealed to him the root cause, and after feeling all the pains, anger, fear, shame, hatred or anything, this is what you can continue to do –

Tell him to listen to God –

1. “Where was Jesus in that situation?” (Don’t be hurry, let him wait for God to reveal to him, after Jesus revealed himself, you can go to the next step).
2. What was Jesus doing?
3. What was Jesus saying?

prophetic counselling

God Bless You,
David Chawngthu.


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