Leadership: Valuing others

Posted: October 19, 2015 in Leadership

We are imparted wrong leaderships and ungodly leaderships from our parents, guardians, teachers, older friends in schools, and the communities around us.

Therefore it is important for fathers and mothers, parents and guardians, teachers, and leaders to show Godly Authorities to our children and youths, so that we can bring transformations to our communities and to the nations.

We need to know that each and everyone of our children will be a leader to someone even from childhood, therefore it is important to show them Godly Authorities as we relate to them.

Some of our children are in Higher Grades to the younger one’s, some will be teachers in schools, some might be boss at work place, others will be Pastors, Prophets, another will be fathers and mothers, even step fathers and step mothers, another will be leaders in church, communities or organizations, they are all part of leaderships, therefore it is important to show them Godly Leadership and Authorities.

Everyone will be a leader to someone at some point, we need to teach them to have a servant heart, to value others, we also teach them to value others by valuing them.

Valuing others might not always mean that you say “Yes” to everything, sometimes leaders need to say “No”, but that you still value them. Jesus said in Mark 10:43, “Whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant”, if we read this chapter, we can find that this verse is highly related with leadership and authorities. One of the ways we can interpret this verse is that we value others, we value people, and not despise anyone. And in this way we can create a whole new generations of Godly leadership and authorities, you can create a generation of Godly leadership and authorities by valuing others.

Besides all the visions, works and tasks, one of the most important thing for leadership and people in authority figures is to value people, to value others.

value people

– David Chawngthu


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