Jennifer Toledo – Miraculous Multiplications of Children clothes

Posted: October 22, 2015 in The works of God around the world (past and present)

Jennifer Toledo at 2yrs Jesus Christ went to her bed and sat at her bed. At age 21 she knew God wants her to go to Africa, pursuing the heart of God she went there by herself, and without having money, and ended up in Northern Kenya. It was a Spiritually desert, because the tribe have a blood covenant with Satan.

The Spiritual Warfare:

God gave her a supernatural strategy, but also gave her a warning that the enemy would want to take her life, and that Satan is very angry. So, they did everything God told them to do, all of a sudden in the middle of the summer, heavens open and poured down rains, and all of a sudden bolts of lightnings struck the mountain which was the highpoint of all the demonic power where they did sacrifices, and can feel something shifting in the land. To cut the story short, changes and transformations started happening in the land, violence were diminished, rapid rainfalls happening in the land, and people being saved.

Later she was sick, she almost died and even stayed at the hospital for several days until she encountered Jesus Christ in a dream, where she was instantly healed by Jesus Christ from 10 days of extremely ill condition, so many of the Doctors and nurses were in tears, and were moved by what Christ has done, and many of them received Jesus Christ.

Miraculous 8 suitcases of Children clothes:

Having a heart for children. they took 8 suitcases of children’s clothes to Rwanda, they brought 100 children, each child was left with huge bag load full of clothings, but tonnes of children clothes were still left.

So, they brought in more kids, and they started finding all the street kids and kids, gave them bag loads of clothes, but the children’s clothes could not finish, so they ended up taking it to Kenya as they were going.

They took the children’s clothes to Kenya, they went to the slum and gathered as many children as they could that were in need, and they gave every single child clothes that are full of garbage bag, but the children clothes kept on multiplying, some new clothes were designer clothings.

One boy want a size 5 shoes, Jennifer knew there was no more shoes left, so they prayed, she put her hands in, there came a size 5 shoes.

The children’s clothes kept on multiplying, so they went out throughout Kenya and started distributing, every orphanages were given clothings full of garbage bag, but could not get rid of it, so they started giving to hospitals and churches, but the children’s clothes kept on multiplying.

At the end they fully dump out those children’s clothes before they go home, but what happened? Even after going home, those children clothes still appeared in her bags and suitcases.

To know more of her miraculous provisions and other testimonies, you can watch this video clip.


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