15 benefits of the Prophetic

Posted: December 12, 2015 in Hearing God's Voice & The Prophetic

1. Reveals the heart, mind, will and purposes of God,
2. Bring Spiritual Life,
3. Helps in Spiritual Warfare,
4. Releases the Presence of God,
5. Open up Spiritual eyes and ears,
6. Helps in prayers and Intercessions,
7. Releases the Supernatural, signs and wonders,
8. Prophesy future,
9. Can bring confirmations in the plans of God,
10. Bring people closer to God and into the love of God,
11. The prophetic gives us inner strength,
12. Helps people to hear God for themselves,
13. Protect us from religious spirit and legalistic,
14. Helps us see the greatness of God in people,
15. Helps to bring success in our destiny, family, works for God, and for the Advancement of the Kingdom, bring divine directions for our life.

– David Chawngthu


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