What is Vision?

Posted: January 15, 2016 in Foundation on Apostle/ Apostolic, Leadership

‘Vision animates, inspires, transforms purpose into action.’ – Warren Bennis

There is a famous quote that says, “Vision is not taught it is captured”, this is because vision is about people, it is capturing the heart of God. If any ministry is build without vision, it will probably be build through someone’s ambitious will rather than by the will of God and for the Advancement of the Kingdom. Even the structures of your ministry will come according to the vision God gave you.

Here are some other definitions and characters of visions we would love to give –

– Vision is seeing the world with the perspective of God,
– Vision is the ability to see the plans and wills of God.
– Vision is capturing the heart of God,
– Vision is Prophetic by nature,
– Vision is Apostolic by nature,
– Vision builds faith, courage, and boldness,
– Vision can take you beyond any challenge,
– Vision can capture the whole of your being,
– Vision is the ability to sacrifice what you would keep for yourself,
– Vision is sacrificial,
– Vision is inspiring and motivating,
– People with movements are people of visions,
– Visions serve the purposes of God,
– Visions with actions are what Advance the Kingdom of God,
– Pioneering leaders are people of visions,
– Vision must be the leading source of any ministry and organizations,
– People with visions build the Kingdom of God,

Mission and Visions:

Missions (Purpose) and Visions are the most important part of any ministry, both Mission and Visions can be imparted, Mission is the highlighted purpose, and there can be several visions in one mission (purpose) especially for visionaries. As Warren Bennis puts it, “Vision animates, inspires, transforms purpose into action”. And visions are what Advance the Kingdom of God.

It is important to work with people of the same Mission, same vision (vision is captured, visions can be imparted), same heart, not with people who would fight over your mission and vision, because vision is the most important thing of any ministry. Vision must be the central point of any Ministry, where all other activities are spread out.

Be careful not to work with people who would often fight over your vision, that person might need to leave your ministry, at the same time vision can be imparted and captured, people can be equipped, vision can be imparted through several ways, through seeing, through revelational preaching and teaching, equipping, practical actions, revelations from God, and Hearing the voice of God. Vision is like a driving force of a ministry and organizations, vision must be the food we eat in a ministry, and everything must revolve around the vision.

Both Mission (Purpose) and vision must be often shared, speak about, preach and teach, talked about, dream about, and be discussed in a ministry. People with vision or visionaries often shared about their visions naturally, it’s the food they eat, they dream, they think, they teach, they preach, they get revelations, their visions are what they speak about even while making friendships; we could say that 90% to 95% are what they speak about, everywhere they go they carry that vision including the mission (purpose) and often speak about them, especially their visions, because God has put them in their hearts. Even the structures of your ministries must come according to your visions God gave you. If a ministry structure is not build upon the revelations from the vision, it will lack it’s vision, and can become a ministry without vision.

Mission vision

Both Mission (purpose) and Visions can be imparted. Visions animates, inspires, transforms purpose into actions, and Advance the Kingdom of God.

– David Chawngthu


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