“Angels after great discouragements” – By David Chawngthu

Posted: February 21, 2016 in Hearing God's Voice & The Prophetic

By the grace of God, I have experienced several different types of angels in my life, here is one of them that I had shared before.

It was 2007, my family were working as a Missionary in the South India, we used to find the street beggars and the poors, some friends used to help us as well, we were few of us, and with several people who support us as well, we used to feed the hungry widows and children beggars, sometimes went out to preach the Gospel.

One evening as I was going out and trying to gather some beggars from the street, a group of non believers chased me with a stick trying to bit me up, and told me to stop what I was doing. As Jesus hid himself when they tried to stone Him in John 8:59, I too ran quickly and hid myself, I told no one except my wife, therefore we can’t continue our works there, they have stopped the Advancement of the Kingdom in that area. So we went back to Aizawl, NE India for a while.

At that moment I was too discouraged, I told to myself, “Even if I am asked to preach in the church I will never preach again”.

But one night two angels came to my dream and told me that the next coming week I was appointed to preach in the church, I already made up my mind not to preach, not to preach anywhere anymore. But those two angels of the Lord told me, “And you must preach”, and then I suddenly woke up, the two angels were right there before me which I saw them with my own physical eyes.

The next day when we went to church they announced that the coming next week I’ve got a preaching time in my church, exactly as the two angels told me the night before in a dream which I also saw them physically they announced the next day in the church.

So, I’ve got to preach in the church again, and that night when I preached there was also miraculous healing taking place while I was preaching, one physical healing, including one emotional healing.

That was amazing, we stop the Kingdom Advancement in that place, we left the place, we were discouraged, fully discouraged, it was a worst moment for us, but then we can call it “Angels after persecutions”, or “Angels after great discouragements”.

– David Chawngthu


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