Identities in Christ not position oriented

Posted: February 25, 2016 in Foundation on "Identities in Christ", Leadership

– Our Identities in Christ gives us Godly boldness and courage from our inner being, which doesn’t come out of any other outward sources or positions we hold on earth.

– When the enemy attack our worth and value in any form of ways, we remind him of our Identities in Christ that we are God’s beloved children.

– Our Identities in Christ are our weapon of warfare to fight against many enemies attack in our life, the Devil is defeated when we proclaim our Identities in Christ. In this world we all face all kinds of things, the enemy is there to attack us in many different forms of ways, spirit of condemnations, spirit of fear, shame, feelings of unvaluable or feeling unworthy, every kinds of lies the enemy attack us with, our Identities in Christ can destroy them, restore them, and can also protect us.

The truth is that, the enemy is not suppose to touch the child of the King in any form of ways.

– Being recognize itself might have no problem, but sometimes there is a possibility that some people can have so much needs of being recognize, which are unnecessary. They need others to recognize that they hold this and that positions, there are possibilities that there’s an Identities in Christ problem, it might not always be Identities in Christ problem either, but there are many great possibilities if that’s their worth and value.

– A need to perform before God and others can be born out of not being build up in our Identities in Christ, especially a need to perform before God. Our love for Him and our passion serve Him, not a need to perform.

Father identity

– Knowing our Identities in Christ helps us to approach God boldly and with confident, knowing He loves us so much, dearly loved and accepted by Him, it also helps us in our feeling and experiencing His presence.

– Knowing our Identities in Christ prevent us from putting our value on the positions we hold and other things. Holding positions doesn’t make us feel more valuable, and not holding positions doesn’t make us feel less valuable, because we are saturated in our Identities in Christ, precious and valuable, dearly loved by Him.

The positions you hold today are not your value and worth, they are your responsibilities not your Identities, your Identity is in Christ.

– Knowing our Identities in Christ makes us value others.

– David Chawngthu


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