Tree of Addictions

Posted: February 28, 2016 in Emotional Healing, Family/ kids and environments

We created this chart for you, it is taken from “Addicted Behavior Counselling School” (ABC) (Residential Training required) which is a 5-6 months course in the “University of the Nations” under an organization called “Youth with a Mission”.

To do that course, you first need to do “Discipleship Training School” (DTS) established all over the world, (Residential Training required) which is a 5 to 6 months course, and then “Biblical Counselling School” (Residential Training required) which is a 5 to 6 months course, and then you can do this training course if you want.

Anyway, even if you don’t do any of those trainings, this is very simple to know just by looking at this chart. Starting from the Soil of Addictions – Spiritual Abuses, Physical Abuses, Sexual Abuses, Emotional Abuses. And then comes the Roots of Addictions, and then to the Fruits of Addictions.

It is also important to know that there are many other different types of things that can be addicted beside what are written in the Tree of Addictions, however, these are some major stuffs that can be addicted.

It might be helpful for your family, school, orphanage homes, your community, centers and groups.

(Feel free to download the picture)

Addiction tree


Both active and passive abuses can spoil your children.

ACTIVE ABUSES: Hitting, beating, slapping, kicking, bad words, screaming, etc.

PASSIVE ABUSES: Not listening to them, no affection, no provision, no concern, no care, no attentions, no friendship with them, not spending time with them, being too busy.

One example could be when Father and Mother got divorce, it could be part of children abuse for children, and is harmful for children, the pain and anger, the shame, and the loneliness, which are all roots of addictions. Another example could be when children are put in hostel or study camp and they always feel very homesick, that feeling of loneliness also create anger in them, and being away from parents for a long time could be harmful for children and can spoil children.

Abuses are the main roots for most spoiled children, verbal abuses, shutting their mouth, not want to listen to them, lack of concern, being too busy and no presence which may also be known as passive abuses, and other active abuses are the roots of wounded children and spoiled children.

Love your children, they have an emotional needs to spend much time with you. Spend time with them, play with them.

Different types of parenting:

There can be many different types of fathers, mothers, parents, and guardians, we need to be aware of some of the things that can spoil our children –

– Authoritarian parents,
– Too strict parents,
– Perfectionist parents,
– Absent parents,
– Competitive (comparing children with siblings and others, or pushing them too much),
– Far away parents,
– Abusive parents,
– Legalistic parents,
– Critical parents,
– Judgmental parents,

All these things can bring harm and wounds, and carry great amount of weight to spoil children. We need to see our children and other children as the Almighty God sees them, highly precious, highly valuable, deeply loved and concerned, and that’s simply wisdom.

Some emotional needs of children:

Below are some of the emotional needs of your children, in fact every human beings on earth need them, but more needed by children and young one’s –

– Attention (knowing what they doing, being interested in what they interested, playing games with them)
– Acceptance
– Respect
– Healthy Affections
– Friendship
– Your Presence
– Support
– Security
– Provision
– Approval
– Praise, praise, praise
– Appreciations
– Encouragement
– Comfort

– David Chawngthu


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