What does it mean to be first? Let’s look at what does it mean to be first.

It seems great to be first, Bible Dictionary state that “First” means “Proton”, which means First in time, place, order, rank and importance. That sounds great on paper.

Let’s look at what does it really mean to be first, to be first means to be persecuted, to be first means to be misunderstood, to be first means to be mistreated, to be first means to suffer, there are many different other things that it carries to be first, to be first also means that to fight the largest strongholds of the Devil.


There are several things history tells us about people who were the first people, for example, the 12 Apostles and the early Believers of Christ were the first to be persecuted for preaching the Gospel, all the 12 Apostles were persecuted, except for John they all died in Martyr. They were the first people Jesus sent out to preach the Gospel to the nations.

Martin Luther first carry out the truths of “Justification by Faith”, that we are saved by grace and not by works, he was the first to face the persecutions along with those who believe those truths God has revealed from the scripture.
The first people who believe that the Bible is for all people not only for the Priests were greatly misunderstood and persecuted by the religious spirit of those days.

William Booth the founder of the Salvation Army was another, he carried the truths in his heart, for the lost souls, the least and the last, he brought in people from the streets, and the poor people from the streets, the church at that time did not like it, he was the first to face great persecutions along with those other who were first to believe the truths, so they need to have their church service in a hall. They were even mistreated on the streets when they were preaching the Gospel.

In some areas, the first people to preach the Gospel and the first believers are looked down, despised, mistreated, persecuted. Some of them might even be told to leave their villages, others knocked out from their own homes, and another might even be beaten up, and still another might even be killed. And in some other place the first Christians were not allowed to take water from the stream, which was their main source of water for their village, even though after many years of persevering the whole village believed in the Lord Jesus Christ. So, people who were first often face many cruel persecutions, cruel evil mistreatments, and resistance from the enemy, Satan.

The first to work Miraculous healings, miracles, signs and wonders, and other Spiritual gifts can be accused as a demonic works, works of witchcraft, or other ways of being misunderstood.

Satan hates it when his land is invaded, he will use every possible means to fight the Advancement of God’s Kingdom. If we look at different history of people who were first in different things in Advancing God’s Kingdom, even as we have look some of the few history of people who were first, we will find that they often face great hardship, if not at least in the beginning of the years.

So, looking at some few history above, and looking at the things that are still happening around the world today, to be first, people need to have a very high rank that demons recognize it in the Spiritual realms. And to be first is not an easy work, to be first it is a tough work, and to be first is not something really desirable.


Advancement- warfare1


– David Chawngthu


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