A simple way to start Hearing God:

Posted: April 6, 2016 in Hearing God's Voice, Hearing God's Voice & The Prophetic

The teaching’s here is a very easy way to start hearing from God, even if you have problem sometimes hearing God, this is very good way to start activating to hear Him speak.

It was around 2007 and 2008, I was appointed to preach in one church on Sunday afternoon in the Salvation Army, it was not our church Aizawl Bazar Corp, it was another church, same city in Aizawl, India, and it was a youth service, I taught on “Hearing God’s Voice”, and then let them do the practical after teaching, I let them go to different corners of the church and told them to listen to His still small voice, after sometimes they all came back, and I asked them if they hear from God, non of them heard anything, I know it was not easy at once and must have probably been the first for most of them, it take some practice.

However it was around the same year around 2007 and 2008, I’ve got a chance to preach in a crusade, they might be around 100 to 200 children, so I used this method of Hearing God’s voice, telling them to write down how they felt God speak to them, everyone were writing down, it was all quite, after sometimes I asked them “Do you enjoy?”, many of them were shouting “Yes”, you can feel the presence of God, and I believe many of them heard God’s voice at that time from the first practical.

Having been in several Discipleship Training Schools, and has trained numbers of youths, I also came to find that it takes time and it take practice to hear God’s still small voice. However, here’s the very simple and easy way you can do every time you got a problem Hearing Him, or you can start with, it helped me many times to be more sensitive to Him. Jesus taught us to receive the Kingdom of Heaven like a little child, therefore here’s a very simple and easy way even children enjoyed in their first practical time.

Here’s the simple way to start Hearing God:

1. Change the proclamation words into Hearing God’s voice and start Hearing from God:

Example: –
Proclamation words – “I am God’s son, He loves me so much, God knew me before I was even born….”
Hearing God’s Voice – “You are my son, I love you so much, I knew you before you were even born….”

This is one of the most simple way to start learning How to Hear God’s Voice for yourself. Do not despise them. Remember that sometimes God might just let you soak in His Love again and again as you hear His Voice.

2. You can start writing “A letter from God”, a letter from God to yourself:

As you continue to write, you will get more and more inspired, God will speak to you.

Note pad















3. Continue to Hear Him regularly:

You can take time to practice them, write them down. As you do this regularly, you will become more and more fluent.

– David Chawngthu


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