The Father God respond differently

Posted: May 17, 2016 in Emotional Healing, Family/ kids and environments

Many of us must have heard about the parable of the lost son, who took his share of estate from his father, squandered his wealth in wild living, spend all his wealth in wild living. However, many people, in some places most people must have not realized that the main focused and the main highlight of this story Jesus shared was the Father God, the Father heart of God was the main highlight and focus of this story.

Suppose you have a son or daughter, who took all his share of estate, enjoyed life and live a wild living, and then came back all broken. For most of us our respond would be, “What are you doing here?”, “Get out of here”, “Are you not even ashame to come back?”, “Who are you? I know you no more”, “I’ll beat you up”, “Don’t ever come back to this place”, “Get the hell out of here”, “You stupid fool”, “Good for nothing”, “You useless dude”.

Most of us would probably respond in those ways, however the Father here responds very differently in this parable then most of us would respond, because the Father here reflects the Father heart of God.

While he was a long way off, his Father was filled with compassion, he ran to his son, threw his arms around him.
It is important to know here that even before the son open up his mouth and has not shared anything to his Father, from far way off his Father was filled with compassion, ran to his son, and threw his arms around him.


Then, the Father gave an order to put the best robe upon him, put a ring on his finger, and sandals on his feet, they also have a feast and celebrations.

From this Father we find the compassionate Father, the running Father, the forgiving Father, the hugging Father, the celebrating Father, the God who celebrate over us.

– David Chawngthu


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