FREEDOM Genesis 2:24 (Part 2)

Posted: June 29, 2016 in Family/ kids and environments, Foundation on marriage

When God said in Genesis 2:24, “A man will leave his father and mother, and be united to His wife”, (A man and woman will leave their father and mother and be united to each others), God spoke out in His wisdom, and there are countless of reasons living as a joint family can be bad for people, as well as many benefits of living as Genesis 2:24 said.

Usually in many Asian cultures we live together as a join family in one house, there might be some benefits, but the word of God and revelations are more plumbline even for a family. However, there can be many case people live together in one home even though it may not be the original blueprint God intended.

Benefits for women:

It is beneficial for women because they can express themselves, many women will be freed from mistreatments, many may feel oppressed or insecure living as a joint family, many women cannot make the type of meal they want to have, for countless and countless of families relationship problems often happen because of living as a joint families, which are very bad for their emotional health and bad for relationship with relatives.

Because it was not the way God intended to build families, it bring chaos. As one writer in social media wrote something like, “No two women can stay together in one kitchen”.

Benefits for children:

Freedom Genesis 2:24 is also beneficial for children, children need room to play, they need to have fun, they make home messy, dirty, they run around, they climb on the couch, they turn the televisions to cartoons or other kids channel, they want to play games in the computer, they spread their toys all around, they drop their milk, they spread their children books all around when they play, they spread their color pencil all around, and all those things are needed for children in the home, the home cannot always be neat and tidy if there are children. And for sure the Granny, uncle, aunty, or someone’s not gonna like the messy and dirt children make in the home.

Even for fathers and mothers many times it will need patience, one spilled milk, another pass urine in his pants and on the floor, and another make the home messy with his toys, that’s what children are, and they need to do that. Children need to play, need to have fun, they need to do all kinds of different things in different ages, and they will make the home dirty, messy, and make many mistakes, because they are children.


All of these things which we think are small little things are the things that can bring arguments, gossips and fights in joint families. So, therefore it is also beneficial for children even after having children what the word of God said, “A man and woman will leave their families and unite to each others”.

– David Chawngthu


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