Apostolic Commissioning

Apostolic Commissioning:

Purpose: To Advance the Kingdom of God

“Kingdom Apostolic Ministries” valued our “Apostolic Commissioning”, they are our “Functional Foundation”, they are who we are as K.A.M. We believe they are the “Blueprints from Heaven” to function. Kingdom Apostolic Ministries is to Advance the Kingdom of God and function with these Functional Foundations, for Christ, His Kingdom, and for the nations.

Functional Foundation:

1. Kingdom Apostolic Ministries valued pioneering new ministries, works, even new inventions, expanding the Kingdom of God. We also value the true Apostolic revelations “Rock of revelations”. “KAM” is called to function as a pioneer, to be a trailblazer, to be visionary, to be an Ambassadors of Christ, Representers of Christ and Warriors for God’s Kingdom, to Advance God’s Kingdom with courage and boldness. Willing to take risk where needed, getting much information if possible and necessary, and Advance the Kingdom of God as fast as possible (Quick – Luke 15:22). As an Ambassadors of Christ we value the Lordship of our Lord Jesus Christ. Submitting our visions, our works, our ministries in the Mighty hands of God. (Joshua 1:3-5)

– “Reach wider, reach everywhere with the Kingdom of God” – Gen 1:26-28; Matt 28:18; Matt 6:10; Rev 11:5b (Advancing the Kingdom of God).

# We value the Abilities of God: We value the Lordship of our Lord Jesus Christ and the expressions of faith, we value what God can do, whether it’s our dreams, visions, or other things. Trying, aiming, and attempting Great things for God. There’s nothing too big, nothing too small for God. (Mark 9:23; Matt 28:18)

2. We value the Spirit of prophecy: We value relationship with God, praise and worship, knowing God, revelations, and the guidance of God. Whatever kinds of ministries we might be doing, we believe that serving God from the point of Relationship with God is way better than serving God without good relationship with Himself. (Ephe 5:19-20; 1 Sam 15-16)

3. We value knowing the word of God (the Bible): We value revelations from the word of God, even other good teachings that are beneficial and does not contradict the written word of God. We must be willing to learn from others and even from other ministries outside “KAM” as necessary. We value Meditation, meditating on the word of God. (Heb 4:12; Joshua 1:7-9; 2 Tim 3:16; Psalm 1)

4. We value reaching out: We value reaching lost souls, reaching the “least last lost”, reaching to the hurting world, bringing healing to this world in Jesus name with the love of God. (1 John 4:8; John 3:16; John 10:10; Luke 15; Isaiah 61:1-3; Mark 16:15; Matt 25:35-40)

5. We value everyone: We value all people, regardless of their ages and whom they are. We value family and marriage priorities. We respect kids and young people. We also value “one anothers” as written in many scriptures.

6. We value businesses that provide finances and materials for the Kingdom of God, and we value finances, materials or other things given into the Kingdom of God as needed, felt to give, or even overflowing if needed or felt, for God’s Kingdom, as a means to transform the world into a better place in Jesus Name, and transforming the world for God’s Kingdom. (Psalm 35:27b; Matt 25:35-40; Matt 28:18-20; Mark 16:15).

7. Decision making:
a) We value the inspired word of God, and the inspired Word of God to confirm our decision making, especially in important matters. (John 10:27; Matt 4:1-11; Psalm 119:105)
b) We value the freedom of ‘discussion and sharing in groups or teams’ in decision making, especially in important matters. (Proverbs 15:22, 2Cor 3:17)

8. Leadership is to value others, yet knowing his/her Authority and Responsibilities given. We are to value one another, a servant leader is one who valued other people, especially for leaders it’s vital to value others. And leaders must be either visionary, vision is given, one with a vision, or one who captured the vision, and is initiative. (Phil 2:5-11; Matt 28:18; pro 29:18)


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