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Sometimes, but may not be always, but sometimes, it seems that some people only knows how to receive the words when it’s written, “Apostle” or “Prophet”, then they took it into consideration, and then meditate on them. There might be nothing wrong with it either, because Apostles and Prophets are the Highest rank in the Kingdom of God, even though they might have no title or positions, and therefore people put their attentions to it, and put their words into consideration.

And even if people don’t know they are Apostle or Prophet, they still got divine influence that attract the attention of others and people, either through their works or deeds, faith, divine wisdom and revelations, leadership, and something that are divine and significant, and therefore the words used by the Apostles and Prophets are important because they have divine influence, and because people put it into consideration.

– David Chawngthu


Faith and wisdom are an important ingredients of leadership.

Faith in Leadership: Faith in leadership builds our faith, helps us advance the Kingdom, progress, and give us the abilities to do things, even in our own works. We need faith to do things from our present situations and circumstances to move forward. People like Caleb and Joshua in the Bible sees the possibilities and have faith in God to do the things that were before them which were impossible to the circumstances, they could make things possible and more easy, therefore faith people in leadership is an important ingredient.

Wisdom in Leadership: Wisdom in leadership help us make wise decisions, help us laid good foundations in different things in the Kingdom of God, wisdom to rule and make decisions, helps in giving wise counsel, help us solve different problems, wisdom in crisis and different situations and circumstances, help us protect from different things and harms that can happen, and the abilities to see what could happen good or bad with the decisions that are made. Since wisdom laid the foundations of the Kingdom of God, it is also important to know that fear is not wisdom, which some could claim as wisdom. Wisdom also gives abilities in many situations, and is useful in every part of leadership and gives us wisdom how to do things.

Therefore wisdom and faith are an important ingredients of leadership.

– David Chawngthu

Christ made Himself nothing, by His own choice, not by force, He made Himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant, THEREFORE God exalted Him to the highest place and gave Him the name that is above every name.

Beware of people who are after greatness and positions without the anointing, because Christ means the anointed one. And we are talking about humility, wisdom, and Governmental anointing.

Greatness to the world is not always the same greatness in the Kingdom. Jesus said, “Whoever wants to be great among you must be a servant”. Before Jesus was given the Highest name by God, He humbled Himself.

In the same way, humility is the Greatest, and wisdom is the highest rank of Governmental Anointing coming from heaven, they are like twins that stick together.

Proverb 11:2 says, “With humility comes wisdom”. And proverb says, “Wisdom is supreme therefore get wisdom”, wisdom is the highest rank of Governmental Anointing.


Whether it’s about leadership and authority, whether it’s about marriage, family, kids, or other things, it is important to read wisdom and revelations about them from people of wisdom and revelations, it is important to read the foundational teachings about them, and then we do our part. This is a really important thing to do.

– David Chawngthu

God is humble, God is a person not a statue, God is Spirit, one of His great name is Humble, that’s who He is.

You are humble, you are gracious, you are kind, you are generous, you are loving, that’s who you are. You can say, “I am humble, I am kind, I am gracious, I am generous, that’s who I am, that’s who I am”. We are created in the image of God.

There are angels of wisdom and there are angels of humility. The spirit of humility is the angel of humility, and carries the anointing of humility, and with humility comes wisdom, they are like twin brothers. I’m releasing the humility anointing upon you today, and your life will be changed, You will see your life changed. – Apostle

2 main purposes of wisdom and revelations:

The first purpose of wisdom and revelations is that we would know God better, who He is. (Ephe 1:17)

The second purpose of wisdom and revelations is Kingdom ruling.

– David Chawngthu

As a believers of Christ, we all will face days of warfare and days of battle, and just because we believe in God and because we are children of God. Especially if you’re serving God in any form of ways, you will face all kinds of battles and warfare. It could be sicknesses, it could be the devil’s trying to take your life, it could be the devil’s attacking your teams, community, or attacking your church, it could be the devil’s attacking your words, finances, or your family, there can be many different types of warfare.

For example, when we are sick in physical, it also effects our emotions, minds, and soul, which can in turn effects our spirit and mindsets. Therefore it might also be bit blunt to hear God clearly, or the devil might be taking his deceiving schemes that the sicknesses comes from God, blaming God that God gives you sicknesses and making you feel self justified or spiritual. Therefore, we need to know the truths clearly that we are not deceived by the lies of the devil.

These times of warfare are the times we need to be careful about our words, our thinking, and about our hearing God, and recheck our hearing God, because in times of warfare whether its sicknesses, financial problems, church problems, community or teams, Satan work to blind our Spiritual eyes and deaf our Spiritual ears, and these could be the times our hearing God gets blunt, and many times our own desire and opinions may come big in our thoughts.

There can be many different types of warfare. Sometimes we may just need to relax from our works and take some rest, and other times we may need to defend the truths of the Kingdom, and God may want us to defend the truths of the Kingdom, however many times we may need to be quiet, recheck our words, and spend time with God.

In times of warfare and battles, most of the times we will just need to spend time with God, clear our thoughts and made up minds, rest in Him, check our hearts, and spend time with Him, listening to Him and having conversations with Him, to sharpen our hearing God’s voice and our wisdom.

However, even after that, it is still important to be careful with our words, remove distractions, made up minds, and recheck our hearing God, and many times it will be important to be quiet regarding the matters in the days of warfare, unless we are defending the important truths of the Kingdom.


Your Kingdom come, your will be done, as in heaven so on earth.


– David Chawngthu

I believe the Lord has been continually giving me a sword and the message is on the importance of knowing the true Apostolic wisdom and revelations, in other words, “Why is the true Apostolic wisdom and revelations so important?” We believe this can slain 1000’s of demons.

If we look at Christianity around the world, people are appointed as pastors, evangelist, or teachers, but why should not anyone who wants to be an Apostle called themselves an Apostle?, that’s an important question. First of all, being an Apostle is more than a title its an identity, that’s the way they were born and the way God created, and most of all because of the importance of Apostolic Wisdom and revelations.

True Apostolic wisdom and revelations are so important because, you can be a church leader but have no wisdom and revelations how you should run and take care of your church, how Spiritual gifts should function, or either loading up many heavy loads upon people, bound by traditionalism, with many unnecessary rituals and legalism. You can be married but have no foundation that you both live your marriage life however you want to live, flirting around and thinking that’s modern or being wide minded, but then it might only be because of the lack of wisdom and revelations. You can also have many children but have no foundational wisdom and revelations in the way you should take care of them and treat them, you can have the gift of healing but have no foundational wisdom and revelations about healing and speaking words of condemnations because of their sicknesses not knowing that God doesn’t give us sicknesses, that can give us wrong perspective about God, making us judge God and His Kingdom, representing God as a bad God. You can also have 10,000 teachers of the word and regular Bible studies, but that cannot lay Apostolic foundation with Apostolic wisdom and revelations into the needed areas.

And without this Apostolic wisdom and revelations, it can bring great damage, to the church, to people, and in many different areas, and to the Kingdom of God. Therefore it is important to know the true Apostolic wisdom and revelations, Proverb says, “Wisdom is supreme, therefore get wisdom”.

And because of this utmost importance of Apostolic wisdom and revelations, it is important that not everyone who want to call themselves an Apostle must call themselves an Apostle.

(Note: The Devil would probably not like this message because he will be bound up in many different ways).

– David Chawngthu

The Kingdom of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of hell are incomparable kingdoms, we are living in a much greater and superior Kingdom.

The Kingdom we are living have great weapons. The word of God, prayer, revelations, intercessions and more. The name of Jesus Christ is the Greatest weapon of our warfare, the Devil tremble at the name of Jesus Christ.

While the kingdom of hell is like 3 little puppies, the Kingdom of God is like 1,000 Lions. We are living in the Kingdom of Victory, we are a citizen of Victor, that’s our Kingdom. The Kingdom of hell is the kingdom of hopelessness, while the Kingdom of God is the Kingdom of hope.

The Devil is not omni-potent, he cannot do all things, but God is omni-potent, He can do all things. The Devil is like the little mouse the cat chase. Our God is omniscient, knowing all things, the Devil is not omniscient, he doesn’t know all things.

Jesus said, “Every Authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me”. Phil 2:10 said, “At the name of Jesus Christ every knee will bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth”. James 2:19 said, “Even demons believe that there is one God, and they tremble in terror”. We are living in a Superior Kingdom, and it is the Kingdom of peace, love and joy.

Superior Kingdom









In the battle we fought, our God is on our side, while the Devil is trembling, our God is at peace. We are living in a Superior Kingdom, victory belongs to us.

– David Chawngthu