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I believe the Lord has been continually giving me a sword and the message is on the importance of knowing the true Apostolic wisdom and revelations, in other words, “Why is the true Apostolic wisdom and revelations so important?” We believe this can slain 1000’s of demons.

If we look at Christianity around the world, people are appointed as pastors, evangelist, or teachers, but why should not anyone who wants to be an Apostle called themselves an Apostle?, that’s an important question. First of all, being an Apostle is more than a title its an identity, that’s the way they were born and the way God created, and most of all because of the importance of Apostolic Wisdom and revelations.

True Apostolic wisdom and revelations are so important because, you can be a church leader but have no wisdom and revelations how you should run and take care of your church, how Spiritual gifts should function, or either loading up many heavy loads upon people, bound by traditionalism, with many unnecessary rituals and legalism. You can be married but have no foundation that you both live your marriage life however you want to live, flirting around and thinking that’s modern or being wide minded, but then it might only be because of the lack of wisdom and revelations. You can also have many children but have no foundational wisdom and revelations in the way you should take care of them and treat them, you can have the gift of healing but have no foundational wisdom and revelations about healing and speaking words of condemnations because of their sicknesses not knowing that God doesn’t give us sicknesses, that can give us wrong perspective about God, making us judge God and His Kingdom, representing God as a bad God. You can also have 10,000 teachers of the word and regular Bible studies, but that cannot lay Apostolic foundation with Apostolic wisdom and revelations into the needed areas.

And without this Apostolic wisdom and revelations, it can bring great damage, to the church, to people, and in many different areas, and to the Kingdom of God. Therefore it is important to know the true Apostolic wisdom and revelations, Proverb says, “Wisdom is supreme, therefore get wisdom”.

And because of this utmost importance of Apostolic wisdom and revelations, it is important that not everyone who want to call themselves an Apostle must call themselves an Apostle.

(Note: The Devil would probably not like this message because he will be bound up in many different ways).

– David Chawngthu


The Kingdom of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of hell are incomparable kingdoms, we are living in a much greater and superior Kingdom.

The Kingdom we are living have great weapons. The word of God, prayer, revelations, intercessions and more. The name of Jesus Christ is the Greatest weapon of our warfare, the Devil tremble at the name of Jesus Christ.

While the kingdom of hell is like 3 little puppies, the Kingdom of God is like 1,000 Lions. We are living in the Kingdom of Victory, we are a citizen of Victor, that’s our Kingdom. The Kingdom of hell is the kingdom of hopelessness, while the Kingdom of God is the Kingdom of hope.

The Devil is not omni-potent, he cannot do all things, but God is omni-potent, He can do all things. The Devil is like the little mouse the cat chase. Our God is omniscient, knowing all things, the Devil is not omniscient, he doesn’t know all things.

Jesus said, “Every Authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me”. Phil 2:10 said, “At the name of Jesus Christ every knee will bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth”. James 2:19 said, “Even demons believe that there is one God, and they tremble in terror”. We are living in a Superior Kingdom, and it is the Kingdom of peace, love and joy.

Superior Kingdom









In the battle we fought, our God is on our side, while the Devil is trembling, our God is at peace. We are living in a Superior Kingdom, victory belongs to us.

– David Chawngthu

We do not need to argue about Jesus the Savior, first of all Jesus is the Savior. What does it mean?

1. JESUS SAVES US FROM HELL: John 3:16 said, “For God so love the world that He gave His one and only begotten son…. that whoever believe in Him… will have eternal life. The only key to heaven is by believing in Jesus Christ, not by works so that no man may boast. We cannot enter heaven by our good works or human endeavor, but ONLY by believing in Jesus Christ, this is the grace of God, and grace is grace. Believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and you will enter heaven.

2. JESUS SAVES US FROM SINS: First of all, Jesus did not come to condemn sinners neither came to shame sinners, but to save sinners. Because of the cross and the resurrection of Christ we can live a new life. Jesus save us from jealousy, pride, drug addictions, alcoholism, judgmental, blasphemous words, covetousness, love of money, selfishness, abuses, wicked heart, gossip, lack of love.

3. JESUS SAVES US FROM POVERTY: There is no poverty in heaven, and poverty doesn’t come from God, our heavenly Father is rich, He has in abundant, God wants to bless us all. Jesus said, “I came that they may have life, and have it in abundant”. The Bible is filled with how much God wants to bless us.

4. JESUS SAVES US FROM SICKNESSES: There are no sicknesses in heaven. By His wounds we are healed, He came to bind up the broken hearted, there are no pain and sorrows in heaven, Jesus Christ died on the cross that we may be healed from every kinds of sicknesses.

jesus saves pendrive

Therefore Jesus Christ came to save us from hell, sins, poverty, pain, sorrows, and sicknesses. He came to bring heaven down to earth, “Your Kingdom come, your will be done, as in heaven so on earth.

– David Chawngthu

Low self image can hinder us from receiving from God. When we have a low self image, we feel we are not worthy, we can have a feelings of not worthy to receive, not worthy to have, not worthy to have good belongings, not worthy to be rich or wealthy. But when we know our Identities in Christ, we know we are a child of God, we are children of the King, we feel we are Prince and Princesses, we know we are loved and accepted, we know God wants to give us good gifts.

Jesus said in Matthew 7:11 – “If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him! (Matt 7:11)

From here we can say that, even wicked people and evil people love to give good gifts to their children. Our heavenly Father is a good God, full of love and compassion, who is generous and love to give good gifts to us.

Some years ago in 2008, me and my family were working in Youth with a Mission without any single salary, we need flight tickets, train tickets, taxi fares, staff fees, house rent, electric bills, other travelling expenses, need to buy household things for our new home where we will be shifting, and many more needs. In the midst of that we still need a laptop, I fasted one meal and asked God for a laptop, which I told only my wife, and then we were given a laptop in the same month, God provided us through my Grand Dad in the same month, he didn’t knew that I was praying to God for a laptop in that month, I was amazed, we were amazed.

If I feel unworthy to have a laptop in the midst of all that, then I wouldn’t asked God for a laptop when I need, but being a child of God, I believe that God wants to provide for us. Jesus said in Matt 7:7 – “Ask and it shall be given to you”.

God wants to provide us not only what we need, but in abundant and for our enjoyment. God wants us to enjoy life.

1 Timothy 6:17 says that “God is the one who richly provide us all things for our Enjoyment”.

low self image

When we have a low self image, not knowing that we are sons and daughters of the King of heaven and earth, we can feel that we are not worthy to receive good things, and it can hinder us from receiving from God, but the truth is that we are children of the King, highly precious and highly valuable to Him, Extremely loved, and He love to provide for us, that’s the truth.

– David Chawngthu

What does it mean to be first? Let’s look at what does it mean to be first.

It seems great to be first, Bible Dictionary state that “First” means “Proton”, which means First in time, place, order, rank and importance. That sounds great on paper.

Let’s look at what does it really mean to be first, to be first means to be persecuted, to be first means to be misunderstood, to be first means to be mistreated, to be first means to suffer, there are many different other things that it carries to be first, to be first also means that to fight the largest strongholds of the Devil.


There are several things history tells us about people who were the first people, for example, the 12 Apostles and the early Believers of Christ were the first to be persecuted for preaching the Gospel, all the 12 Apostles were persecuted, except for John they all died in Martyr. They were the first people Jesus sent out to preach the Gospel to the nations.

Martin Luther first carry out the truths of “Justification by Faith”, that we are saved by grace and not by works, he was the first to face the persecutions along with those who believe those truths God has revealed from the scripture.
The first people who believe that the Bible is for all people not only for the Priests were greatly misunderstood and persecuted by the religious spirit of those days.

William Booth the founder of the Salvation Army was another, he carried the truths in his heart, for the lost souls, the least and the last, he brought in people from the streets, and the poor people from the streets, the church at that time did not like it, he was the first to face great persecutions along with those other who were first to believe the truths, so they need to have their church service in a hall. They were even mistreated on the streets when they were preaching the Gospel.

In some areas, the first people to preach the Gospel and the first believers are looked down, despised, mistreated, persecuted. Some of them might even be told to leave their villages, others knocked out from their own homes, and another might even be beaten up, and still another might even be killed. And in some other place the first Christians were not allowed to take water from the stream, which was their main source of water for their village, even though after many years of persevering the whole village believed in the Lord Jesus Christ. So, people who were first often face many cruel persecutions, cruel evil mistreatments, and resistance from the enemy, Satan.

The first to work Miraculous healings, miracles, signs and wonders, and other Spiritual gifts can be accused as a demonic works, works of witchcraft, or other ways of being misunderstood.

Satan hates it when his land is invaded, he will use every possible means to fight the Advancement of God’s Kingdom. If we look at different history of people who were first in different things in Advancing God’s Kingdom, even as we have look some of the few history of people who were first, we will find that they often face great hardship, if not at least in the beginning of the years.

So, looking at some few history above, and looking at the things that are still happening around the world today, to be first, people need to have a very high rank that demons recognize it in the Spiritual realms. And to be first is not an easy work, to be first it is a tough work, and to be first is not something really desirable.


Advancement- warfare1


– David Chawngthu

Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers has been known much in the Body of Christ and the Kingdom of God, what has been on the process around the world for years are the Prophets and the Apostles, many places around the world have known the existence of Apostles and Prophets, and many who knows the existence of Apostles and Prophets are still on the process of knowing the purpose and importance of the Apostles and Prophets in the Body of Christ and the Kingdom of God, and many other places around the world has not even know the existence of Apostles and Prophets, therefore they are still a process around the world.

Some years back we have explained about the 5 fold Ministries in the Body of Christ and the Kingdom of God, once more we will give a little hind about them, the 5 fingers are how many people around the world usually explained the 5 fold ministries in general, so we also will use them as an example to explain them in general.

Apostles: Apostles have Governmental anointing, and Apostles Advance the Kingdom of God, they are like General Overseers of the task and project, there is no Apostolic without the Advancement of the Kingdom, they download the overall plans of God, they are like the thumb in the finger that can keep in touch with all the other 4 fingers, they can move into any needed areas in the 5 fold Ministries, and their main motivation is to expand and to Advance the Kingdom of God. Even in communist countries and countries that are not open, like China and many other countries the Kingdom of God are still Advancing under great persecutions, at the same time many people also martyred for Advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

Prophets: (Prophets guide) Prophets are like the forefingers, that point us toward God, relationship with God, Hearing God’s voice, the presence of God, and they show us the invisible Kingdom of God. Where there are no Prophets, people are Spiritually blind and deaf, Prophets carry more grace where people can see and hear from God and that they are able to see the invisible Kingdom of God.

Evangelist: (Evangelists gather lost souls) Evangelists are like the middle fingers, that goes out to the longest to the lost souls. Evangelist have more grace that lost souls may be saved.

Pastors: (Pastors guard our emotional health) Pastors are like the ring finger, wedding, marriage, children, family, emotional healing, caring, counselling, Shepherding.

Teachers: (Teachers ground) Teachers are like the little finger that can dig into details the truths of God’s words, and communicate in an understandable ways.

5 fingers5fold

We can never overemphasize the importance of reaching out to the lost souls and lost souls being save.

We can never overemphasize the importance of children and family, and the emotional health of children.

We can never overemphasize the importance of Relationship with God and Hearing God’s Voice.

Therefore it is important to Advance the Kingdom of God.

We can also see how all the 5 fold ministries are so important in the body of Christ and the Kingdom of God.

As a believers of Jesus Christ – Everyone are to have the heart for the lost and the harvest, everyone are to have concern for children, value our marriages as a couple, concern for the emotional health of others. We are to love the word of God, and we are to love and value the presence of God and Hearing God’s voice, and we are to have the heart of Advancing God’s Kingdom on this earth, that His Kingdom come on this earth.

– David Chawngthu

‘Vision animates, inspires, transforms purpose into action.’ – Warren Bennis

There is a famous quote that says, “Vision is not taught it is captured”, this is because vision is about people, it is capturing the heart of God. If any ministry is build without vision, it will probably be build through someone’s ambitious will rather than by the will of God and for the Advancement of the Kingdom. Even the structures of your ministry will come according to the vision God gave you.

Here are some other definitions and characters of visions we would love to give –

– Vision is seeing the world with the perspective of God,
– Vision is the ability to see the plans and wills of God.
– Vision is capturing the heart of God,
– Vision is Prophetic by nature,
– Vision is Apostolic by nature,
– Vision builds faith, courage, and boldness,
– Vision can take you beyond any challenge,
– Vision can capture the whole of your being,
– Vision is the ability to sacrifice what you would keep for yourself,
– Vision is sacrificial,
– Vision is inspiring and motivating,
– People with movements are people of visions,
– Visions serve the purposes of God,
– Visions with actions are what Advance the Kingdom of God,
– Pioneering leaders are people of visions,
– Vision must be the leading source of any ministry and organizations,
– People with visions build the Kingdom of God,

Mission and Visions:

Missions (Purpose) and Visions are the most important part of any ministry, both Mission and Visions can be imparted, Mission is the highlighted purpose, and there can be several visions in one mission (purpose) especially for visionaries. As Warren Bennis puts it, “Vision animates, inspires, transforms purpose into action”. And visions are what Advance the Kingdom of God.

It is important to work with people of the same Mission, same vision (vision is captured, visions can be imparted), same heart, not with people who would fight over your mission and vision, because vision is the most important thing of any ministry. Vision must be the central point of any Ministry, where all other activities are spread out.

Be careful not to work with people who would often fight over your vision, that person might need to leave your ministry, at the same time vision can be imparted and captured, people can be equipped, vision can be imparted through several ways, through seeing, through revelational preaching and teaching, equipping, practical actions, revelations from God, and Hearing the voice of God. Vision is like a driving force of a ministry and organizations, vision must be the food we eat in a ministry, and everything must revolve around the vision.

Both Mission (Purpose) and vision must be often shared, speak about, preach and teach, talked about, dream about, and be discussed in a ministry. People with vision or visionaries often shared about their visions naturally, it’s the food they eat, they dream, they think, they teach, they preach, they get revelations, their visions are what they speak about even while making friendships; we could say that 90% to 95% are what they speak about, everywhere they go they carry that vision including the mission (purpose) and often speak about them, especially their visions, because God has put them in their hearts. Even the structures of your ministries must come according to your visions God gave you. If a ministry structure is not build upon the revelations from the vision, it will lack it’s vision, and can become a ministry without vision.

Mission vision

Both Mission (purpose) and Visions can be imparted. Visions animates, inspires, transforms purpose into actions, and Advance the Kingdom of God.

– David Chawngthu