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“I will never leave you nor forsake you” (meditation)

Bible: (Deu 31:8′ Joshua 1:5c; Heb 13:5; 1 Chro 28:20)

There might be many reasons why God cannot leave you, but these are some few reasons why God cannot leave you –

1. God loves you enough to say, “I will NEVER leave you nor forsake you”,
2. It is not in the character of God to leave you,
3. God knows that if He leave you, you’re gonna really suffer, it would be hell on earth,
4. He cannot leave you,
5. He cannot leave you,
6. He cannot leave you,
7. In good times and bad times, God never leave you.
8.Every hard time you face, any hard time you face, every good time you face, any celebrations you face, any season of your life, God wants to be part of your life, God wants to get involved in every part of your life, He cannot leave you nor forsake you.
9. To forsake you, that’s simply just not who He is, He is so much better than that,
10. God is So good to do that.
11. This is a promise, and God will NEVER BREAK His promises,
12. God can NEVER leave you.

– David Chawngthu